drew barrymore


Want to feel younger, sexier and more energetic? Try the all new ‘Santa Clarita Diet’, a show so absurd, funny and real- that you’ll be hooked on forever.

Starring the cannibalistic come back of Drew Barrymore , this Netflix Original belongs to the satiric genre that manages to make a flesh-eating zombie a casual, rather uneventful happening. The show follows a married couple (Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant) whose lives are transformed when Barrymore is turned into an undead cannibal. The show follows the attempts of the couple trying to maintain a normal life while parenting a sassy sixteen year old and killing people for food at the same time. The show may be extremely silly with Barrymore coughing up human fur balls and farting corpses, but it does so in a rather endearing manner, one that makes you root for this crazy couple right to the end.

With plenty of rather graphic images right from human smoothies to devouring fingers and excessive vomiting, it’s not for the weak in the stomach and is downright entertaining for anyone who’s ever been fascinated by the supernatural. Complete with quirky elements like a nosy repellent neighbor, a Serbian baka and even tear-gas, this is one show you cannot miss.

Barrymore plays a zombie cannibal in the gory, silly comedy that is packed full of bloody encounters and tasty fingers. It’s certainly not for everyone –after all it is an acquired taste.


Anahita Sahu

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