development studies


1. Anthropology – DU Ranks #51-100 in the Anthropology category which has not been calculated before by QS before. 2. Chemistry – DU continues to be in #301-400 position in Chemistry. Indian Institute of Science position is ranked as #51-100 with a significant number of IITs faring better than DU in Chemistry. Benaras Hindu University and University of Hyderabad are included in #301-400 as well. 3. Sociology – DU is included in #151-200 position in Sociology. Jawahar Lal Nehru University occupies a better position under #101-150 4. Geography – DU is the only University in India which features in the Geography Rankings under #151-200 position making it the best institution in India for Geography. 5. History and Archaeology – Both JNU and Delhi University are ranked #151-200 though JNU occupies a position above DU. 6. Modern Languages – DU occupies the best position among Indian universities with #151-200 ranking whereas University of Calcutta is listed under #251-300 7. Physics – DU slipped from #151-200 in Physics last year to #201-300 this year. DU ranks 6th in India in Physics. 8. Economics – DU is listed in #201-250 in Economics and Econometrics.  DU is ranked 2nd nationally with Indian Statistical Institute occupying a better position. 9. Mathematics – With a position under #301-400, DU grabbed the last position among a total of 9 Indian universities in the list. 10. Biological Sciences – DU is listed under #301-400 and again grabbing the last position among a total of 5 universities represented in this subject category 11. Computer Science and Information Systems – DU is listed under #401-500 in this category once again grabbing the last position among 13 Indian universities represented in the category. This includes multiple IITs including IIT Bombay at #51-100 and Jadavpur University, Kolkata and Anna University, Chennai. The University is not listed in categories like English Literature (after being listed in Top 100 for English in 2012), Art and Design, Business and Management, Communication and Media, Law, Linguistics and many more. The QS rankings were based on the expert opinion of 76,798 academics and 44,426 employers along with the analysis of 28.5 million research papers and over 113 million citations sourced from the Scopus Elsevier bibliometric database. Read the analysis of DU under last year’s QS World University Ratings Kartikeya Bhatotia [email protected]]]>