At every step of life, one has to deal with people. It can sometimes get overwhelming and you need time to yourself. A social detox is a great way to rest without much socialisation just to come back again with a fresher mindset and brighter smile. Here is how to go about it.

In our day to day lives, we meet several people at various places. Some we interact with, some we ignore. Some agree with us, others disagree. Some cause anxiety and others are an amazing relief camp! We understand that we have to deal with everyone, just how they are. More often than not, the situation can get overwhelming and if you are someone turbulent, then you will definitely want to shut everything down to be by yourself.
People are beautiful but when it gets intimidating, you would need to undergo a social detox and would desire to reconnect with yourself. Even if you seek yourself being too judgemental of people, there is a need for time off. Here are the three steps you need to follow to slowly slide into the mood of a social detox.

1) Take time off work/play and take a little rest
It is important to realise that your energy will inevitably drain when you work or party/play for long periods of times with other people. There is simply nothing wrong with that. However, a social detox will require a complete break away from both. It is easy to comprehend that time off work is needed to relax, but many of us spend the free time partying. A social detox will require you to have a phase of social inactivity. This is not necessarily unhealthy or isolating. On the contrary, it is rather important to reconnect with yourself in this manner for an emotionally healthy state. It helps you understand yourself better, become less dependent, and enjoy solitude.

2) Find a space where you can be yourself, unapologetically
We face tonnes of influences every day that are in opposition to what we might be. We have unfulfilled hopes that people tell us not to have, expectations that need to be fulfilled irrespective of our mental health, opinions that label us as a social category, and even popular parameters of how you ‘should’ feel when something happens. It is fine, we all face it. You can never unapologetically be yourself in front of others. After all, the person in front of you is another person altogether and even if they try to be understanding, they’ll never be able to understand each aspect of you. When subjected to constant judgment, you begin to internalise opinions. Therefore, it is really necessary to find a space where you can be yourself. You may end up discovering things you didn’t know about yourself. Now, this can be any recreational activity, meditation, or even the simple act of writing your personal diary.

3) Quit Social Media
Scary, isn’t it? And what about the recreational activity mentioned above? Did it ever even happen if you didn’t post it online? In today’s world, this obsession with social media is more obvious than it might seem. The world conspires you to use the social media.  Social Media is the biggest NO in a social detox. It is one great recipe for misunderstanding, comparing, validating, and misinforming. A lot of us are addicted to social media and it would take a huge toll on us if we quit suddenly. Therefore, a slow process of gradual quitting is important. You could begin by switching off notifications and then move to deleting the apps. There is absolutely no need for you to delete your accounts, the only aim is to limit its usage. Trust us, you will survive the FOMO.
Feature Image Credits: Amy Jo Martin
Khyati Sanger
[email protected]