Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced his plan to incorporate the Deshbhakti Curriculum in schools from 2020.

On Wednesday, 14th August, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the introduction of a “Deshbhakti Curriculum” in Delhi government schools, from next year. The main motive behind this decision is to induce patriotism among young students, and to make them feel proud and responsible for the country.

The announcement came during the launch event of “Constitution at 70” campaign where the Deputy CM and Education Minister Manish Sisodiya was also present. While addressing the crowd at the event, Kejriwal said that the aim of  ‘Deshbhakti Curriculum’ is to make every citizen proud of their country, aware of their duty and responsibility towards the nation, and instill a sense of passion to make sacrifices for the nation.

“When our children grow older and start working, and at any point if they accept a bribe, then they must feel from within that they are betraying ‘Bharat Mata’. When they jump a traffic light, they must feel they’ve wronged their country,” said Kejriwal during the event.

On Thursday , 15th August, he also quoted a tweet by Manish Sisodiya referring to the Curriculum in which he wrote, “We want that every child, after completing his education, becomes a good person, is capable of taking care of his family and becomes a true patriot.”

“Constitution at 70” campaign is a Delhi government initiative to make sure the future generations understand the values of Indian Constitution. It will encompass students studying in Class 6 to 11 and will continue till 26th November 2019, the date which marks 70th Year of inception of Indian Constitution. The three-month course will focus on the principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, said Meghnad S., a constitution expert who also hosts the show Consti-tuition on Newslaundry.

The decision to induct a Deshbhakti curriculum came just two days before Independence day, and is being looked as a step to neutralise Aam Aadmi Party’s image in current political ecosystem marred by nationalism. The NCT of Delhi will tentatively have assembly elections next year as well.

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