Descendants of the Sun


South Korea’s most successful T.V. Show, Descendants of the Sun will soon air on Indian Television. The hauntingly beautiful and tragic love story of Caption Yoo Si-Jin and Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon has won numerous hearts across the world in 2016. Get ready to be swept over by the Hallyu-wave (Korean-wave) as Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo brings to us the wartime love story fraught with heartbreaks and romance!

Descendants of the Sun, South Korea’s most successful Television Drama which is also allegedly being dubbed as Asia Best show of 2016 is soon going to air on Indian Television. The demographic of Indian Television scene has seen rapid change over the past few years. In the recent years the viewership of American and British shows has not only increased in India but, the Asian and European Cinema is also gaining audiences. The recent success of Pakistani and Turkish T.V. Shows is a textbook example of how cinema, especially T.V. shows can transcend boundaries.

Descendants of the Sun, starring South Korea’s famous actors, Song Joong Ki as the very dashing, charming and heartbreakingly cute Army Caption Yoo Sin-Jin and Song Hye-Kyo as talented, stubborn yet beautiful surgeon Kang Mo-Yeon brings to us a tale of love and heartbreak in the times of war. This show has everything from drama, action, and thrill to heartbreaks and romance which will surely sweep you off your feet! Even though the show is a romance drama one can clearly see the underlying patriotism of the characters towards their nation.

Spoiler Alert!

Love and Mission!

Captain Yoo Si Jin – “Doctors don’t have boyfriends because they’re too busy.”
Doctor Kang Mo Yeon – “Soldiers don’t have girlfriends because it’s too hard (too much work).”

Caption Yoo Si-Jin and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon’s love story will definitely make you cry and laugh like never before. Caption Yoo Si-Jin is a part of secret UN-peacekeeping team and Kang Mo-Yeon is a famous doctor. The never ending cycle of guy leaving the girl for mission takes a toll on their relationship. But, fate has other plans for them. Kang Mo volunteers as a surgeon for a medical relief project in the area where Yoo Si Jin is posted. The story moves forward and their love is threatened by natural disasters, war, car-wrecks, gunfights and Ebolo like virus outbreaks.


Don’t be fooled by the Caption Yoo’s flower boy face and chocolate abs because the show has some serious fight scenes from knife fights, fist fights to gunfights! Caption Yoo believes he fights “for the peace & freedom for the land” he lives in and “protecting beauties, elders, and children” is his ultimate rule. The narrative is fraught with commando fights, North Korean spies, CIA-backed military coups and jaw-dropping action sequences where Song Joong Ki fights gangsters, mafia and natural disasters.

Second leads, bromance and OST!

Apart from the leads, the seconds leads Dae Young and Myung Joo’s consistent palpable chemistry and unwavering love for each other defying army hierarchy will surely tug your heartstrings. Also, K-Pop listeners will recognise Shinee’s (K-Pop boy group) leader Onew giving a stoic performance as a doctor.

The show’s OSTs are beautiful, especially Chen (from EXO) and Punch’s “Everytime” is a song which make you fall in love. The breathtakingly beautiful locations and top notch cinematography will keep you glued to screen. The humour, bromance and extremely cheesy lines will make smile throughout the 16 episode. People will die, get kidnapped, shot and tragedies will occur but, amidst all chaos and war the beacon of love will shine the brightest.

Catch Descendants of the Sun on Zee Zindagi at 8-9 PM, Monday-Saturday from 8th February, 2017 in India.

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