Department of Business Studies


1. Resume Madness Everyone gets in the race of updating their resume/CV from day one. The resume madness gets to you so much that each little thing makes you think “Will this benefit my resume?” 2. On the run of doing an internship We’re always eyeing placement cell mails and internship websites to see if there are any internships there for us. In fact, most of us forget the joy of sitting back and relaxing during the summer and winter breaks, instead we tire ourselves by doing internships. It is one of the most talked about topic in college as well. 3. When is the next BMS entrance? People are always asking this question from us even though we have no idea when it happens and how it happens, considering the fact that DU guidelines on BMS/BBS admissions change almost every year! 4. Which specialization to take? This question troubles us from semester 1, although we select our specialization – Marketing, HR or Finance in the Fifth semester. We keep asking our seniors about it, who themselves don’t have an idea 5. Placement? MBA? This question is always on our mind from semester 1 as well, although most of us stay confused till the end. The opinion of the majority however lies towards the placement, and MBA or any other postgraduate degree is either considered an alternative or something we’d want to pursue in the future.   Kartikeya Bhatotia [email protected]]]>


There are numerous inter college fests held in DU all around the year. However, there are very few events organised for school students by colleges. Fests for school students allow them to catch a glimpse of college life and the kind of competitive events that take place at a university level. Addressing this, the Department of Business Studies, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College is organising Orizzonte, its first ever Annual Management Festival for Schools.

Scheduled for Tuesday, the 16th of October, Orizzonte will be held at the North Campus Conference Centre. The selected events are sure to challenge the students’ creativity, analytic abilities and reasoning. The competitions include core management related events like Product Designing, Stalking the Stock (mock stock), Biz Quest (business quiz) and Think Pot (group discussion). In addition to these, a Movie Making competition will be held, with the theme ‘Black and White’ and an entertainment quiz, The Couch Potato Quiz, will be a fun event with students answering question about TV show sitcoms and Harry Potter.

The program will also allow students to get a feel of what it is like to study Bachelor of Business Studies, the only undergraduate management course in the University of Delhi. The theme for the event is “Exploring new horizons” and the entire proceedings of the day have been carefully laid out, keeping the theme in mind. The main aim of Orizzonte is to inspire school students to think differently, and compete with each other on a whole new level. As Sanchetna Kapur, the President of Spettro the BBS society of DDUC puts it, “Through Orizzonte we hope to provide students an opportunity to explore the various aspects of management education and the prospects of the same. It will radically change the way a school student looks at competitive events and allow them to challenge themselves in a healthy manner”.
Further details about the event can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Orizzonte.Dduc