Department of Buddhist Studies


Students claim that almost 70% of the questions that were asked in the Department of Buddhist Studies entrance exam, held on 5th July between 8am to 10pm, were repeated in the PhD entrance exam, held on the same day between 4pm to 6pm. A few students, who appeared for the PhD entrance exam, have filed a written complaint with the University on Friday, 7th July, saying that the paper repeated 36 out of the 50 questions asked. It seemed to be a matter of concern as many students apply for both the courses and those who appeared for the MPhil test had advantage over the others as they had the time to discuss the answers before they appeared for the PhD test.

“It was shocking to learn that questions asked in the MPhil test and the PhD entrance were the same. Students who had applied for both the tests benefitted,” the complaint said. However, the head of the department, KTS Sarao said: “It is not possible that so many questions will be same. Many departments hold same test for admission to both MPhil and PhD but we conduct separate exams. The syllabus is similar so there is a possibility that 3-4 questions are same but not as many as some students are alleging,” and rejected the allegations.


With inputs from Hindustan Times.

Image Credits: Hindustan Times


Anagha Rakta
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