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Keshav Mahavidyalaya would be holding a referendum to determine the students’ verdict in the matter of the institution of the college students’ union as well as the college’s affiliation to the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU). The referendum is slated to be held on the 2nd of May 2018, and the entire process is deemed to be completed by 9 p.m. on the same day.

Keshav Mahavidyalaya does not partake in the elections held to the DUSU and neither does it have a students’ union. For years, certain sections of the students have demanded for both the aforementioned elements in their college.

Faculty members V.K. Verma and Surendra Singh have been appointed as the Election Officer and Returning Officer respectively. All the class representatives (CRs) of the college have been invited to meet the Students’ Union Formation Committee on the 26th of this month for a meeting to discuss the modalities of the referendum. All students enrolled in regular courses in the college, and having a valid identity card will be eligible to vote in the same. The students can cast their votes from the following options: ‘NOTA’ (None Of The Above), besides ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

Priyavrat Joshi, former President of the Stage Play Society, who graduated from the college in 2017, told DU Beat, “When I was in college, there were many protests for the institution of a students’ union. Our society, along with a few others had tried talking to the Principal and the administration for the same, but to no avail.” He further explained, “Our college has always been like a school, more inclined towards academics. So the authorities never wanted elections to take place in our college, to retain the academic spirit. In fact, even our college societies don’t get adequate support from the administration.”

When asked about the probable trends of the referendum, he commented, “I think the trend would be towards a definite ‘yes’ to the formation of the students’ union.”

In stark contrast to the comments of Priyavrat, a student, on the condition of anonymity, told the DU Beat correspondent, “all the societies are really happy with the way the college is functioning. We don’t have much complaints or demands with regards to either a students’ union or our affiliation to the DUSU.”

Significantly, while demands for a Students’ Union have been prevalent for quite some time, the Principal’s sudden affirmation for a referendum to decide the fate of the college was considered as a “suspicious move” by some quarters of the college. Commenting on the same, the student told DU Beat, “The Principal didn’t take the decision under any political pressure. She wasn’t against the idea of a students’ union, in the first place. Her concern was, if referendum is what majority of the students demand, then it is fair to have it.”

While any form of campaigning has been officially banned in the pretext of the referendum, the sight of “politically active” students approaching other students to influence their decision either for or against the referendum has been a commonality in the college lately.

The compilation of results is expected to commence at 4 p.m. on the 2nd of May, following which the declaration of results will be undertaken by the Principal on the same day.



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Delhi University Students’ Union President Satender Awana’s name has been mentioned along with that of other family members in an FIR filed by a woman with the Noida police on March 12. The woman has accused the Awana family of harassment over dowry, molestation and attempt to murder and has filed the FIR against her husband, Mohit Awana, and her in laws. Satender Awana has been named in the FIR as one of her brothers-in-law. The accused have not been arrested and the case has been sent for mediation, as is customary in dowry disputes, according to The Hindu.

The complainant has alleged that, the Awana family had harassed and assaulted her over not complying with their additional dowry demands, though their initial demands for money and a car were met by her family.

Satender Awana, a leader of the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarathi Parishad, informed the media that he is not related to the woman who filed the FIR, though he knows the family as members of his village in Noida. The family dispute has been raging since Mohit Awana was married to her in May last year. The police have also been unable to establish Satender as one of the brothers-in-law of the complainant.

Awana has said that he will file a defamation case against the complainant on grounds of trying to tarnish the image and reputation of himself and his family. In a statement to the media, Awana said, “People who know my family and myself are familiar with our character and lifestyle. These allegations are baseless and fictitious, and the truth of the matter will be proved in court.”

Students’ organisations like the All India Students’ Association have raised the demand for Awana’s resignation from the post of DUSU President. In retaliation, Awana questioned such a demand on the grounds that these demands were not raised against Kanhaiya Kumar who faced charges of sedition. However, he agreed to step down if the allegations were proved.

Awana has earlier made controversial statements, such as threatening to “shoot down the traitors in JNU” who allegedly raised anti-India slogans. He was also accused of misbehaving with two journalists who were conducting a survey on sexual consent on Delhi University’s North Campus.

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The Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) organised their first ever job fair on June 11 and 12, 2013 at the Delhi University Sports Complex (North Campus).  The event saw the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) and 45 private companies including Wipro, NIIT, VLCC, Convergys, ICICI, Axis Capital etc. The fair was inaugurated by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday.

The fair was conducted for all colleges and departments of the university. The two-day event acted as an opportunity for job seekers to be interviewed for opportunities across sectors such as IT, FMCG, real estate, health care, manufacturing, hospitality, retail and others. Students from other top educational institutions such as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi College of Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia and Amity University also participated in the fair. The event was being organised by Ventex Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. On the success of the event, Manish Thakur, Director of Ventex Hospitality Pvt Ltd said:

“It was an excellent experience to work for and organise the Delhi University’s Job Fair which happened for the first time in history.”

Besides interacting with potential recruiters, students also availed of motivational speeches by Anurag Mishra, Director, MIB, Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister of New Delhi, Yoganand Shastri, Speaker of Delhi Legislative Assembly, Oscar Fernandes, Congress leader and other corporate personalities.  Around 20,000 students attended counseling sessions, personality development and other requisite trainings.

Ashok Bhagat, Cultural Secretary, DUSU informed the statistics with regard to the participation at the job fair.

“690 students were selected in the spot placement, 1200 students got internships, and 750 are shortlisted currently. The highest package was 6.5 lakhs and the minimum package given was 1.8 lakh. It’s the first time that DUSU took such an initiative and I am happy that the event ended on a successful note.”

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