Delhi Dance Fever


Twissha Cultural Educational Society organized the eleventh edition of their annual event Delhi Dance Fever’ 16 – a month long competition that culminated with 3 events hosted in Cyber Hub and Saraswati Music College, Safdarjung. Over 30 college teams entered the competition under two categories- Western Dance and Choreography (thematic depiction through dance). These teams were shortlisted through the ‘First Impression’ round wherein each team had to depict a chosen Bollywood actor on a western music track. On the basis of these performances, 12 teams were shortlisted in the western dance category and 5 teams in the choreography category.

These are the links to some of the videos of the participant teams from DU-

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFnf3xgc0Fo” width=”500″ height=”300″]


[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcdiWjEh498″ width=”500″ height=”300″]

For the next round, three dancers were nominated for the auctions from each team and the president of each team had to bid for three new members from different teams to be absorbed into their own team. These new teams then set themselves up for the Finale of the competition that took place at DLF Cyber Hub. In the Finale, the 12 top teams that qualified in the western category then faced another challenge in the form of Round 1, where they had to perform a fusion of different genres of dance on different sound tracks. Each team was to be led by the new auctioned members, some of the top teams were Verve (Shri Venkateshwara), Zeal (Maitreyi), Mudra (Jesus and Mary), Enliven (Gargi), Tanz (Miranda House) and Lady Shri Ram College. Then on, 6 teams qualified for the next phase which was the ‘Main Production’ round where the teams performed their annual production. This was then followed by a final Flashmob round. Misba (Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce), Verve (Shri Venkateshwara) and Tanz (Miranda House) fought it out for the ultimate title. They were each given a soundtrack to lure in the crowd and make the audience groove. All the three teams gave each other a run for their money and left the energy levels soaring high till the end.

The choreography teams too were pushed to their limits. In the first round, the each team had to depict the theme performed by one of the other colleges which was allotted randomly. The twist in the round was that they had to not only depict but also dramatize the production into a parody. After a round of laughter, the next round was the Broadway round leaving us with the top two teams left to compete for the winner’s title.

Round 3 of Delhi Dance Fever 2016, North v/s South was carried out online. In this round, the teams divided themselves into two groups, North and South, according to the location of their colleges in the University. The best dancers from all the dance teams of North and South Campus respectively, formed a ‘Dream Team’ that competes for the tile of the best dance crew. Videos from both the sides were submitted, and the decision was left to the audience as the video with the maximum likes would win.

Video Link for South Campus-

The final results will be announced after compilation in the after party also called Graduation Night for Dance University aka Delhi University Dance Circuit.

Delhi Dance Fever is an event organized by Twissha Cultural Educational Society with Big Dance Centre. The aim of Twissha Cultural Educational Society is not only to cultivate the culture of dance far and wide, but also to use it as a medium to spread awareness and address social issues. This extravaganza every year brings dancers from all over Delhi on a common platform. Here, you get to taste the perfect blend of different dancing styles along with some unique flavour added every time.

The first round termed as “FIRST IMPRESSION” was a two-day episode, held on the 11th Jan and 12th Jan 2013, and a fantastic opening to DDF with North and South Campus teams performing on different days. The teams were given songs two days prior to the first round. In spite of this little twist, the teams left everyone speechless with their terrific performances and creativity. The esteemed judges were Meiyang Chang (actor, reality show star), Karan Kumar (choreographer, Dance India Dance star) and Shemoni Parekh, Choreographer, So You Think You Can Dance, USA. The episode got even better when popular choreographers like Meher Malik, Atul and Karan, Manik, Shraey and Kartik, Abhinaya and many others from different genres of dance took classes for contemporary, lyrical jazz, hip-hop, belly etc. The active participation of dancers in the first round explains the rich culture of dance in Delhi.

Now, after the first round, the second round is much awaited. The second round is scheduled to take place in Hansraj College on the 15th February, where all choreography societies will come up with a flash mob, that’s based on their production. In the second round, teams show off their main production. Usage of props and lyrics are not allowed. Teams will use only a chart to present their theme in the beginning.

The next round will take place in IP College on the 21st February, where North and South Campus teams will come together and compete. What makes this round interesting is that, western and choreography teams will combine and perform on various offsite locations. An excellent fusion of different dancing styles is anticipated. Later, North and South Campus compete for the title, by forming two montages respectively on a theme decided on mutual agreement. The results will be declared on the same day.

The final round will be held tentatively on the 27th Feb. in Shri Ram College of Commerce, where western dance teams show off their electrifying performances. This round challenges them to perform in a particular theme given, within a time limit of 2 minutes.

DDF this year has also come up with a new initiative of holding an award function post the event. Various nominations and awards will be given to the teams, dancers, backstage members etc. A new idea of adding a ‘People’s Choice’ award is very exciting. The team that gets maximum likes on YouTube will be awarded with the title.