DDUCMUN is usually the first MUN held in the academic session in DU. It is known for its high level of debate and this year was no different. After the success of DDUCMUN 2011 and 2012, the MUN Club of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College worked day and night to organise the 3rd edition of the same.

This time around the conference was held on August 2, 3 and 4 inside the college premises. There were three UN committees i.e. the Eco Soc, Human Rights Council and General Assembly with the agenda of formulating optimal combinations of short term and long term fiscal measures in order to ensure socio-economic growth, the right to humanitarian assistance and self determination in conflict zones and the tension in the Strait of Hormuz respectively. Apart from that an Ad Hoc Committee had been set up and the highlight of the conference was the War Cabinet of Olympus which was based on Greek mythology.


The event kicked off on the morning of 2nd August with an Opening Ceremony that included lighting of the ceremonial lamp and speeches by Dr SK Garg, the college’s principal, Mrs Nisha Rana the Convener and the Secretary General, Mehr Arneja, who said, ‘Here at DDUC, our endeavour is not only to provide you with a platform to come and showcase your debating skills but also to provide you with an environment for a 360 degree development.’

After that, the delegates made their way to their respective committees to start discussing and debating on the given agendas. Over the three days, the delegates, under the guidance of the Executive Board, put forward their views on the topics at hand, through a structure that mirrored the rules followed at actual UN meets. The participants made their points backed up by thorough research and debated with the other representatives by raising points of inquiry and information. The committee sessions and moderated caucuses continued on all three days with lunch breaks in between.


In the EcoSoc, the main areas of focus were promoting micro, small and medium sized enterprises, enhancing infrastructure, bringing about tax reforms and short term fiscal policies to ensure economic growth. The Human Rights Council saw delegates discussing hindrances while delivering humanitarian aid, the legal regulation of humanitarian intervention and the role of NGOs in humanitarian assistance. The War Cabinet of Olympus was a particularly active committee with delegates representing Gods and Demi-Gods from the Percy Jackson series like Zeus, Hades, Athena, Annabeth, Percy and Hazel. The discussion was largely based on the growing distrust in the Demi-Gods by the Gods and the looming threat posed by Gaea, Goddess of the Earth. Another interesting point about this committee was that the Chairperson was hidden among the delegates, and his or her identity was to be revealed later.

On the last day, the focus was on brainstorming solutions and resolutions to the issues discussed on the previous days. The event came to a close with the announcing of the results and distribution of prizes like Best Delegate, Honourable Mention and so on. In all, more than 250 delegates participated, a group that comprised both first timers and experienced MUNers. Sahil Grover, Head of Delegate Affairs in the Organising Committee said, ‘DDUCMUN’13 has been an amazing experience. Having participated in and organised several MUNs in the past, this conference, being that of my own college, holds a special place in my heart. Seeing the success of the event has been a source of great happiness for me!’