With the issue attracting multitudes of attention with every passing day, the Dadri lynching incident has been a subject of regret ever since it surfaced. The primary question in each mind is whether this is the kind of development and leadership India wishes to progress under. While communal tension is something that has always been existing in India, the exploitation of this tension to such gravity is what concerns everyone. DU i

The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) organised its Executive meeting earlier this week, where all members unanimously condemned the incident. The members expressed utter shock on the fact that the activities of the mob, which took away the life of that 50 year old man, were pushed by rumours that the family had eaten beef. The Association believes that this tragedy highlights the rising climate of hatred and tension across the nation.

Prof. Satish Deshpande, a DUTA member remarked, “I believe that under the present government, such incidents are not new. It’s the climate in which these incidents occur which is dangerous. The idea that the victim deserves such treatment is something of grave concern. The aberrational element is that the wrong people feel empowered, especially because of the fact that the government is not actively negating or condemning the incident. Strict law and order is needed to combat such situations.”

Areeb Mohammed, a student from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, remarked that incidents like Dadri should not be allowed to disrupt the communal harmony of the country. “We are a free and secular country and that is what I’m proud of. We should raise our voice against such incidents to ensure they do not happen again.”

Featured Image Credits: timesofonam.com

Arushi Pathak
[email protected]