Many advertisements from our childhood had jingles that we still sing from time to time. The ‘Vico Turmeric’ jingle or ‘Washing Powder Nirma’ jingle were so catchy that one could not help but sing when they played on our television or radio set. We still remember their lyrics by heart and sometimes find ourselves humming those tunes.

In the recent times, the whole concept of advertisements has undergone a drastic change. The advertising companies have come to realise that mere jingles are not enough to capture the attention of its audience now. Thus these advertisements are now spun short with interesting stories that are sure to catch the eye. I was recently watching the ‘British Airways: Fuelled by Love’ advertisement in which the air hostess develops an unlikely friendship with an old Indian lady. The air hostess was invited to her house where she learns about the rich Indian culture and gets mesmerised by it and the hospitality provided to her. The advertisement ends with a line – Loving India back since 1924. The advertisement is successful in tugging all the right strings of your heart from the beginning to the very end with its crisp and emotional storyline.

An advertisement by ‘Dabur Vatika’ decided to salute female cancer survivors. The advertisement portrays a cancer survivor who is very conscious about her lost hair due to chemotherapy. However, she soon receives acceptance from her family and colleagues which she feared she won’t receive. The advertisement ends with the statement – ‘Some people don’t need hair to look beautiful’. The entire advertisement is beautifully written and directed. Thus we see that an interesting storyline to an advertisement has become an essential component.

Looking at it from a creative point of view, this undoubtedly produces a lot of creative and interesting short stories which are able to leave a mark in just two or three minutes. This is definitely something that needs to be praised. But, there is a darker and more complex side to this too that needs to be discussed and that is how these advertisements have started to capitalise human emotions. These advertisements try to connect to you on a deeper, personal level and connect these emotions to the product they are trying to sell. Its success in connecting to you on a personal level and arousing emotions will ensure a higher sale of these products. This raises a question about the world where we are living which is willing to exploit your emotional attachments in order to market a product. Something as sensitive and personal emotions become a selling point of an object. Thus one cannot help but wonder at the growing insensitiveness of the world where we are living in.

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Anukriti Mishra

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