UberJogi is a customization start up that deals with hand painted T-shirts and printed promotional corporate apparel. Started by three girls in August 2011, this enterprise has climbed ladders of popularity in a very short span. Like all other start ups, this too has a story. Vasudha, Tanvi, Raashi, were very good friends, and students of commerce and business studies. But they also possessed zeal for art which eventually prompted them to start their own line of hand painted and printed line of clothing. “We started at the college level. Designing t shirts for college societies, customized t-shirts for our friends and they loved our work”, says Tanvi. They also have a brand ambassador program, wherein students of different colleges are selected as representatives of UberJogi. “This helps us reach out to our audience more. And the ambassadors also get earnings and work experience. So it’s a two -fold benefit”, says Vasudha. In a scenario, where most student startups are around event management or content development, this one clearly stands out. “It happens often that customers don’t get the ideal design that they want. So they tell us what kind of theme do they have in mind, and we create what their mind reflects. It’s an “image-wear” kind of thing”, adds Tanvi. Amidst this, what also catches your attention is the name. “UberJogi baba is our mascot. Uber is german for ultra cool, so it means an ultra-cool baba”, says Raashi. Tanvi, Raashi and Vasudha are the ones that handle the entire work. From marketing, to sales, to designing, hand painting shirts, everything lies in their hands. “Don’t you feel short of manpower?” I ask. “No, we believe in girl power”, says Tanvi, with a laugh. UberJogi has designed for colleges like LSR, JMC, CBS, Khalsa, MAMC and IIM-A. Most of their sales are online; they also sell through an online portal called Indiebazaar. The cost of their hand painted T-shirts is Rs.700-800. They have also designed for cafes like OTB and Masha in Hauz Khas village. Their most recent addition in the venture is designing a line of customized hand painted T-shirts for Thadi- the village café at at Hauz khas village.  They also organized a photography competition on the theme “rustic India”, and the shortlisted few were on display at Thadi. “The theme is related to Indian culture, which corresponds with Thadi’s theme to. “, says Raashi. When you found a startup, it comes with a free bag of apprehensiveness. “Our parents were apprehensive, but when they started seeing the results, their worries vanished”, says Vasudha. Also, other people were apprehensive about an all girls start up, but they decided to go ahead with it and proved everyone wrong. “When people talk about UberJogi, it feels great.” says Tanvi. Their future plans include venturing into hand painted home furnishings, accessories, etc. We wish all the best for it!   You could find them on Facebook here, http://www.facebook.com/uberjogi?ref=ts     ]]>