For the past few days, the University of Delhi (DU) website is recurrently crashing, which is hindering services like Degree in Advance.

DU facilitates access to college degree before convocation to students, under certain circumstances.  The degree is issued after following a lengthy procedure, only when a student has to pursue higher education abroad or has to settle down in a foreign country. One can access this service on exam.du.ac.in

But for the past few days, the website is hindered by a technical error. It is not taking any new online registrations. The entire procedure, which organically takes around three-four weeks, is delaying the submission of application and arrival of degrees indefinitely.

Consequently, those who have already taken admission in foreign universities stand to lose their admission and lakhs of rupees, because producing the degree is mandatory for international institutions.

The procedure, as mentioned earlier, takes approximately a month for its completion. Once the student fills up the requisite form, their account password is to be sent on their e-mail with an activation link. However, as the University server is down, there is no way the application could be put up in the first place.

In fact, students who had registered priorly are also not getting confirmation emails.

Professor Vinay Gupta, the Dean of Examinations said on 8th July, that the issue will be resolved in a day, but so far the problem stands in a stalemate.  The University Joint Registrar, in an attempt to escape his accountability, said that they cannot do anything until the website is not working properly. Students have requested the administration that the process be done offline, but the administration has not conceded as yet.

The University keeps on promising students that the issue will be fixed soon, but they are not ready to provide a concrete date. According to a source, the situation might be more grave than it looks like on the surface. Not only the distribution of degrees but attestation of mark sheet, attestation of degrees and duplication of mark sheet has also been halted. If true, a lot of students might face severe consequences due to administrative glitches.


More information about Degree in Advance can be accessed here: http://exam.du.ac.in/degree-in-advance.html


Feature Image Credits: University of Delhi



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