While in school, we all had wished to become a class monitor at some point in time. But the same desire gets largely skewed at college level. Responsibilities revolving around a Class Representative are very different from that of a class monitor. In the anticipation of having the same kind of authority like they did while in school being a class monitor, some students fall into this vicious trap of becoming a class representative.

A Class Representative (CR) is the middleman between professors and students who gets dodged from side to side. From running errands for the professors to voicing students’ issues, CRs do it all.

While organising any event, it is mandatory for the class representative to go to each student to ask for the monetary contribution. There will always be a bunch of rebellious students who would not comply with the CR’s request for contribution easily and would wait till the CR has to resort to begging.

It is the CR’s legal obligation to ensure that every student of the class gets the notes provided by the seniors or else the CR is doomed to get backlashes. Some students take the notes and never bother to return them in the same condition as it was given. It always comes back to the Class representative with stains of oil and torn corners of the pages. The communication link between the professors and the students, all information regarding lectures by professors would first be passed to the Class representative. He has to go through the ordeal of ensuring that every single student is well informed about the new developments and hence always updated.

It is also the CR’s allegiance to strategise a fail-proof plan for mass bunk for the entire class.  If the plan fails, the poor soul has to tackle with an undeclared war waged against him by the students, and if it succeeds, he has to face the wrath of the professor.

However, a class representative inevitably acquires many skills while executing his/her duty which includes leadership and management. The ability to combat stress flourishes in the student in full bloom. There are also several other incentives of being a class representative. The views and actions of a class representative are very imperative. Besides seasonal criticism, a Class representative earns truckloads of love from his classmates and professors. Professors are generally very generous while rewarding internal marks to this industrious fellow.  A Class representative is that industrious creature of our college life who is very underrated and needs to be duly acknowledged.

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Sandeep Samal

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