Cory Monteith


Canadian actor Cory Monteith, who played the role of Finn Hudson on the hit musical-comedy show Glee, was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver on Saturday. The cause behind his death is still unclear, though chances of foul play have been ruled out.

The 31 year old star had been battling with substance abuse problems ever since he was a teenager and had voluntarily undergone rehabilitation treatment in April this year.

Though he had appeared briefly on shows like Supernatural and Smallville, he shot to fame as one of the lead characters on Glee. The show, which just finished its fourth season, was one of Fox’s greatest hits in recent times, despite declining show ratings. He played a goofy underdog who, despite being a quarter back, considered singing and performing to be his calling. The character had an off and on romance with Rachel Berry, who was in the same show choir as him. In real life, the actress portraying Rachel, Lea Michele and Cory were in a relationship.

Following the news of his death, his colleagues, co stars and fans worldwide expressed their grief through tweets, Facebook statuses, videos and posts. Fans will always remember him for his funny interviews, his singing and acting talent, his fondness for playing the drums and his awkward but cute dance moves. Some of his most popular performances on the show include the covers of Don’t Stop Believing, It’s my Life/Confessions, Just the Way You Are, Paradise by the Dashboard Light and I’ll Stand by You.