The English and Hindi Debating societies organised Conventional Debate for freshers on October 10th, 2015.
Around 20 teams participated from all over Delhi University, including teams from Daulat Ram, College of Vocational Studies, Hndu, Miranda House, among others, who presented to a packed audience of 200 in the Conference Hall. The motion to be debated was that being humane is better than being religious.
The judges for the event were Dr. Anupam Pachauri (external) and Dr. Shubhra Seth(Internal).
After a token of appreciation was presented to the judges, a thunderous argumentation and expression of clear ideas began.
Rules of the debate were explained. The debate followed the format of a conventional debate where each speaker was allowed 3+1 minutes to speak, in any language that they preferred.
The session saw discussion over points as diverse as the outmoded religious customs, to the larger communal issues.
The participants related them with current scenarios, such as Dadri lynching case, Babri Masjid, terrorism etc. while explaining their side of the house. After a break for snacks, the debate resumed.
After the debate, the judges were invited to speak a few words. Dr. Pachauri congratulated everyone on their enthusiasm and appreciated the kind of arguments put forward while expressing that such debates should be held in the parliament and moved on to give feedback to the participants.

Anugya Gupta, the Secretary of the English Debating Society, said, “It was a great experience organising the debate. Considering it was a freshers’ tournament we got to see a lot of talent, fresh ideas and good speakers. With the increasing conflicts based on religion, the debate became important.”

The first prize in Hindi was bagged by Keerti and Ritu of IPCW, while the English counterpart went to Vandana and Srishti of Daulat Ram College.
Featured Image Credits: Anugya Gupta

Kritika Narula
[email protected]