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The high cut-offs of the University of Delhi (DU) makes it difficult for students to get into a college of their choice. However, DU offers its students a second chance to migrate to college of their choice, turning dreams into reality.

University of Delhi boasts of some of the best colleges in the country. Some colleges have excellent departments in certain subjects, but they sometimes lack in other subjects. The sky-rocketing cut-off lists, limited seats, and high number of applications make it difficult for students to pursue the subject of their choice in the most sought-after colleges of DU. However, the migration process acts as a blessing in disguise for people hoping to study in the renowned colleges. It must be kept in mind though, that according to the University of Delhi, “Migration is not a right; it is only a permissive facility and not an obligatory one. It all depends upon both incoming and outgoing colleges concerned; therefore, the policy of Reservation in Migration for both Inter-College & Inter-University is not applicable.”


1) The migration process is applicable for students pursuing B.A. Programme & B.Com., B.A. (H), B.Com (H), B.Sc.(H) courses for students in their 3rd semester.
2) The student must have passed both the semesters of his/her first year.

3) The student must be enrolled in an undergraduate course offered by the University.

Note: Some colleges may release their own separate guidelines for eligibility, which can be accessible through the official website of the respective college.

Important points to keep in mind:
1) Candidates are not allowed from regular college to migrate to the School of Open Learning (SOL) or the Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB).
2) Migration is not allowed from one college to another in a different course.
3) Migration is not allowed in Post Graduate (PG) courses.
4) The applications for migration from one college of the University to another shall be only entertained by the principal of the college from which migration is sought. There should be written consent from both the principals of the colleges concerned, to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC).

5) Once a student migrates from one college to another, the student cannot change their college.

Documents needed:
1) The No Objection Certificate from both the heads of the colleges’ i.e. the one where the student is studying and the one where the student wants to migrate to.
2) Leaving Certificate from the college.
3) Mark sheets of the examinations passed.

Note: Any photocopied documents submitted must be self attested. The student can collect their original certificates back after submission.

Migration is a tough task to execute. Students should have proper, solid reasons to migrate to the college of their choice.


Feature Image Credits: The Financial Express

Disha Saxena

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