Adagio led the group with 13 points. It is followed by Gargi College’s Sparx  and Hans Raj’s Terpsichoreon with 10 points each.

The Winning Society at a glance

Adagio, Kamala Nehru College

Adagio, the 13 member Choreography society of Kamala Nehru College has excelled at most of the fests at DU this year which including big names like Crossroads and Mecca. ‘Adagio’ also bagged second prizes at Mood Indigo (IIT Mumbai) and Oasis (BITS Pilani). “We have a close-knit group of dancers who practice a lot. We don’t focus on a single form of dance and try to make sure that we excel in every facet”, says Aseng Borang, Adagio’s President. Note: The thirteen fests included in our analysis for this series include SRCC’s Crossroads, Gargi College’s Reverie, Sri Venkateswara College’s Nexus, LSR’s Tarang, Hans Raj’s Confluence, I.P. College for Women’s Shruti, Daulat Ram College’s Manjari, Hindu College’s Mecca, Jesus and Mary College’s Montage, Miranda House’s Tempest, Kamala Nehru College’s Ullas, Kirori Mal College’s Renaissance, SGTB Khalsa’s Lashkara. Out of the fests listed, only 8 had conducted a competitive Choreo event.]]>

Nritiyakriti, the Choreography competition on Day 1 of Ullas was organised by Adagio, the Choreography Society of the college. There were a total of 8 participating teams including Kirori Mal College, Gargi College, Sri Venkateswara College and Hansraj College. The judges for the event were Mr. Adi, Director of Rada and known for blending contemporary with lyrical hip-hop and Mr. Arjun Kohli, guest artist with Anveshana Dance Theatre and Urshilla Dance Company.

cho_nHindu College’s Choreography Society- Srijya put up a performance titled ‘Paradox’. Ashish from Hindu College elaborated, “We’ve put up our performance related to fear, three different levels of fear. The organisation of the event has been good and all participants were competitive enough.”

Eventually Gargi College’s choreography society Sparx won the first place in the competition, with Hansraj College’s Terpsichorean following second. One of the judges said, “I have seen all colleges, some are good, some are better. I’ve seen lack of synchronisation in almost all performances.” He also emphasised that “performances should have a wow factor”.

The Debating Society of the college, Crossfire also conducted a conventional debate earlier in the day. The motion for the debate was – This house believes that temporary anarchy is the only means to achieve a stable democracy as an end. Madhav from KMC, Divya from KMC and Mehvish from St. Stephen’s were adjudged the best speakers and Divya from KMC was the best interjector.

Every fresher will find to his or her amazement and hopefully excitement that the first week of college means a constant of barrage of society promotions and recruitments.  However don’t let the volley of auditions and college activities confuse and stray you from the path of your destined society, since the society you join ends up defining the circle of people you associate with.

Delhi University societies are not just friendship circles. They rely on hard work, talent and dedication. As a society, you participate in umpteen college, inter-college and inter-university competitions. Every society of every college has its own fest, and you can rely on these to keep your nose to the grind stone all year-long. As you audition for the various societies, the harsh and apparent nit-picking during selections will only be proof of the high standards and professionalism of the societies, making it a good idea not to take them too lightly.

The prominent societies (you might have to start getting used to calling them SOCs) with a presence felt in almost every college are:

  1. THE DEBSOC: Debating ought to come easy to you to not just join but stay in this one. Arguably this society houses Delhi University’s best speakers and hence is definitely worth being a part of.

  2. THE CHOREOSOC: Involving insane amount of rehearsing, the theme-based choreography done by a lot of Delhi university colleges is something you don’t want to miss.

  3. THE DRAMSOC: It’s time you got out of that shell. Trust this society to teach you that and so much more. You might just work with people having years of experience at the NSD.

  4. ENGLISH AND LITERARY SOCIETIES: The hub of intellectual and literary discussions and activities. A must for all aspiring writers out there as well.

  5. FILM AND PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY: For all the unconventional, or even so- called taboo movies that you missed watching and discussing, and to hone the photographer in you.

And DU BEAT: for the conscientious and prompt writer. A little bit of self-promotion never hurt.