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A gun was allegedly pulled out during an altercation between some students at the College of Vocational Studies on Monday, 28th January 2019.

Sources at the College of Vocational Studies (CVS) informed DU Beat of an altercation that allegedly broke out in the college on 28th January around 1:30 p.m., leading to a ‘fully loaded’ gun being pulled out. The police had to be called to control the situation.

DU Beat learnt that the incident broke out in the college playground and two third-year students are said to be involved. One of them pulled out a black revolver and pointed it to the Central Councillor of the college union. The account was corroborated by another source in the college who told us that the altercation happened over issues related to the college elections.The source also said that many students and staff were witness to the whole incident. The police was called and a complaint was filed against the two students by the union member and a student.The source however told us that “no action” has been taken by the police.


“Sorry, leave it.I don’t want to discuss anything on this topic,” the Central Councillor said, on whom the gun was pointed. According to him, it would lead to ‘demarketing of the college’. A different source, also a student at the college, however, denied the incident. “Ladai hui thi ek…normal si” (it was a normal fight), we were told. When asked about whether a gun was pulled out and police was called, the source contested it, saying that it was just a rumour.


The incident raises questions about the security arrangements at the college and possible lack thereof. We talked to another student at the college, who wished to remain anonymous on this issue. The student, studying under the non-collegiate system, told us that while three to four security personnel, including a lady guard sit at the entry gate, the ID cards are rarely checked. “Humare friends mai se to kisi ki nahi hoti ab. Rarely poochh lete hain”.“(Security) checking starting me hoti thi, ab nahi.” (checking used to take place initially, now it doesn’t), the student tells us.


Feature Image credits – DU Beat