Cannaught Place


The Embassy’s Samosa- A small fast food joint of The Embassy situated in Cannaught Place, this eatery serves sandwiches, corn, and samosas amongst other things. If you order a ‘medium’ samosa here, be ready to be surprised with a huge one that is nothing compared to any average samosa you have ever eaten. One medium samosa costs you Rs.30, and a large one, Rs.50.

The samosa has a decent filling of potatoes, peas, paneer, mixed with other spices and is  served with mint chutney and tomato ketchup. Unfortunately, it did not live up to its name despite the promising size. The filling was decent, but nothing great. Sadly, even the chutney could not help the samosa in any way- Definitely not the best samosa found in Delhi.

Keventer’s Shakes- After the steaming samosa, we move on to one of the oldest fast food joints of CP. This place is a favourite among all generations- be it the kids, the young college goers, the uncles and aunties and even the grandparents!

The place is best known for its milkshakes and ice cream shakes, which they serve in a variety of flavours- coffee, chocolate, strawberry, banana, butterscotch and more. They also serve sandwiches and bread pakoras, but the shakes are what draw the crowds. One milkshake costs Rs.50, with a more than sufficient quantity served in a big glass bottle. With no seats or tables around, people usually take their order and enjoy it while standing there itself, or while walking the streets of Cannaught Place. All the hype surrounding Keventer’s shakes is definitely worth it. With perfect proportions and just the right amount of sugar, each sip leaves you feeling refreshed, satisfied, and definitely wanting more. We recommend everyone to stop by Keventer’s at least once.


Picture courtesy-grubhohgs.com