candle march


There has been an outrage all over the country in the light of the 16th December incident. The gang rape of the 23-year old physiotherapy student in a moving bus has ignited a general outcry across India. Candle marches have been held all over Delhi. One such march was held at Sector-6 market in Dwarka on Saturday, 22nd December. It started in sector-6 and went up to the sector-12 market.

The people, close to 150 in number, carried candles and filled the atmosphere with slogans condemning the crime. Two groups marched on the roads. One group had ladies ranging from little girls to elder women. The other group consisted of teenagers. The energy and the anger could be felt throughout the streets.

The protestors halted the traffic for a little while, but cleared it soon. The candles and posters were later set on the footpath. A two-minute silence was observed for the well-being of the victim. The crowd also questioned the vigilance of the Delhi Police, as the bus went on a trip around Delhi for over 40 minutes. They expressed shock over how the victims were neglected by onlookers.

Archana Singh, a mother of two daughters, described “how utterly dangerous” it was for her and her daughters to step out of the house after dark.

Sahil Kukreja, a student, said “Capital punishment is the only fitting punishment for this heinous crime.”

Other punishments suggested for the crime were castration and public humiliation. People believe that any punishment that completely deters a criminal from committing such atrocity is the best punishment.

Suhani Rana says, “I can’t even imagine being in her place.”

The people pledged to fight for the right of women and to not let this matter become mere history. They also pledged to not blame the victims of this crime, referring to the stigma attached to the victims of such crimes. The incident has been very disturbing for the whole country. Schools like DPS Dwarka have stopped using private buses that are used to transport students.

Unlike the march at India Gate, however, there was not any violence in Dwarka and the Police force did not have to interfere. It was much more peaceful and people exercised their right to freedom of speech, without attracting any mishaps.

The victim is admitted in Safdarjung Hospital and has undergone two life-saving surgeries since the 16th. She is still in a critical condition due to an infection spreading across her body, the reason for which is supposed to be the iron rod. The doctors are worried about her delicate condition. She is communicating now, but with difficulty. No one but her mother has been allowed to meet her, given the fear of infection.

The only prayer India now has that the girl should come out of danger and the criminals should be punished properly, so that justice can prevail.


Shreya Mudgil
[email protected]