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Every year, October is the celebrated as the month of breast cancer awareness across the world. On this occasion, students of Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) organized a speaker session to create awareness about breast cancer. The event that was organized on 4th October, 2016 at CIC featured several eminent surgeons from the top hospitals of Delhi. The event was organized by Samanway, the cultural society of CIC, and Womenite, a national award winning NGO which works for various social causes. The event was supported by CIC 306 – Innovation Project: Holistic approach of fighting cancer, from prevention to cure.

The event started with an introduction about breast cancer by Dr. Mahima Kaushik, the project mentor of the Innovation Project. She threw some light on the growing numbers of the monstrous disease in India and around the world. She explained factors responsible for this type of cancer and said that, “unhealthy lifestyle is one of the major factors behind occurrence of cancer”. She ended her presentation by saying that there is still a lot of hope in the field and early detection can be a game changer.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Ratna Chopra, the HOD of Surgery, Hindu Rao Hospital. She explained about various stages of breast cancer through several images. She discussed about some of her case studies and also showed a video about how early detection of breast cancer can help in proper treatment of the disease. She ended her presentation by asking everyone to be breast aware.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Ashok Arora, CEO of NUTAS. He introduced the new technology of NUTAS which helps to treat Breast Cancer without any surgery or chemotherapy. He explained how this new technology works. He ended his presentation by saying that this technology has a great potential in the field of breast cancer treatment in India.

As a part of the same program, the students also conducted an online creative writing and poster designing competition on the theme of breast cancer awareness. The winners, Apoorva Verma and Awesh Yadav, were awarded on the occasion.

Ashish Yadav, one of the students in the audience said “Many lives are lost in the shadow of shame. The program was an eye opener”. The program drew its curtains with the speakers urging the attendees to ‘Think Pink’- a quote inspired from the wear it pink campaign.

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Image Credits: Sugandha Sharma 

Pink Chain Campaign, an initiative by Punarjeevan,  which includes public demonstration of self-examination techniques, distribution of pamphlets, and speaker sessions to disseminate information about breast cancer, was brought to the precincts of Indraprastha College for Women on 11th September 2015.

Pink Chain Campaign at IPCW
Photo by Kritika Narula

The initiative, supported by National Service Scheme, IPCW and Gandhi Study Circle, IPCW aimed at bringing awareness and initiating a dialogue about breast cancer.

The session began with  short address from the principal, Dr. Babli Moitra Saraf who accorded a warm welcome to the Chief Guest and her fellow panelists.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Ramon Magsaysay awardee and social activist Dr. Kiran Bedi, who was there for  a brief period. In her address to the audience of 500+ students, she talked about how she emotionally connects to the cause since her own sister had been a victim to the same just a few year back.

Kiran Bedi at IPCW
Photo by Kritika Narula

She emphasized on how important it is to set our priorities right and involve in as many physical activities as possible. “We shouldn’t take our medical check-ups for granted. I suggest you go for regular tests, mammography, and keep health as a priority. At your age, you’ve all sorts of stress- from competitive exams, to academics to applications and the uncertainty of the life ahead, but one must not forget that health is equally important, if not more.”

At the same time, she informed the audience that she has learnt that it can strike anyone, and one should do whatever she can, in her power to prevent it.

Later, she also tweeted about her visit to the college.


Dr Abhishek Shankar, the founder and chief coordinator of the Pink Chain Campaign addressed the audience next, apprising the audience of how the campaign has been planned across 33 colleges with over 1000 volunteers.

Dr. Abhishek Shankar, founder of the Pink Chain Campaign
Dr. Abhishek Shankar, founder of the Pink Chain Campaign, Photo by Kritika Narula

Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, Director at the Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology, Noida made an informative presentation about cures, symptoms, prevention of breast cancer.

Dr. Piyush Ranjan from AIIMS Delhi answered questions from the audience. This was followed by a panel discussion, with the above speakers and Dr. Preetha Rajaraman, South Asia program Director for USA Center for Global Health. The panel discussion touched upon multiple issues ranging from prevention of breast cancer, maintenance of a healthy lifestyle to misconceptions about cancer.

Principal Dr. Babli Moitra saraf
Photo by Kritika Narula

The session ended with the distribution of brochures.

Featured Image Credits: Kritika Narula

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