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The third and final day of Business Conclave at Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) concluded with inspiring sessions by Mr Gautam Gambhir, Ms Prajakta Koli, Mr Kapil Sibal, and a fun session with entertainer Mr Kapil Sharma.

The first session of the final day of Business Conclave 2020, commenced with Mr Bhargav Sri Prakash, Former National Tennis player, Inventor of Digital Vaccine, and CEO of FriendsLearn. Sri Prakash talked about his journey of how he started as a student of Mechanical Engineering in Chennai. He went on and talked about his obsession with race cars. Sri Prakash emphasized on the importance of Ayurveda and told the audience about how Indian Ayurveda has treatment for illness but no prevention, so he discovered Digital Vaccine. Later on, he enlightened the crowd at SRCC about his project in India which is the 1st in the World that serves underprivileged children in Chennai. Mr Bhargav is also a health enthusiast, he said “India should do justice to its potential.” As according to him, the evolution of India has been limited to Outsourcing.  Sri Prakash ended the session by making a plea to the students to come together and take on the big problems around us.

Padma Shree Awardee, Gautam Gambhir, covered various topics, ranging from politics to self-motivation, while talking candidly at the Business Conclave, organised by the Students’ Union, Shri Ram College of Commerce. The ex-cricketer, talked with great responsibility while covering BJP’s defeat in the latest Delhi Assembly Elections. He said, “It is not my job to only cater to my constituency, but to the 70 constituencies, that we contested for.” In the conversation on politics, he said, “Never thank a politician”, stating how development is each politician’s job and they shouldn’t be thanked for it. He even mentioned the Ghazipur Landfille issue to be solved, irrespective of his fate at the Elections. The audience was inspired by his cricket analogy implementation in the field of politics and the ups and downs of life.

Kapil Sharma, one of the leading names in Television Comedy, had the auditorium packed for his panel with Youtuber and SRCC Student, Karan Chawla at the last day of the Business Conclave, organised by the students’ union of SRCC. Kapil Sharma, shed light on the writing process of the show and stated, how the narrative of the show is observational comedy. Being in SRCC, he reminisced his own college days in Amritsar and the college theatre he did, that led to him being comfortable with stage and the overall idea of the show. The panel had a seemingly interesting end, with him inviting beatboxing, cajon playing students at the stage and jamming with them on a rap song.

Following Kapil Sharma’s hilarious yet heartwarming presence, the audience was greeted by the well-renowned YouTuber and content creator, Prajakta Koli. Due to the absence of certain speakers, Prajakta’s arrival seemed like a bit of a delay to the ardent audience. She started by talking about modeling her career from being a radio intern to trying her hands on content creation and becoming one of India’s most popular YouTuber. She further discussed the many landmarks in her career like collaborating with Canadian YouTuber, Lily Singh, and having tea with former First Lady, Michelle Obama. After addressing issues like nepotism and YouTube censorship, she interacted with the audience, guiding the aspiring YouTubers and enacting her character, Montu for her fans. Sabrawal sisters, the youngest designer and writer, also presented their beloved artist with their books.

Entrepreneur and social activist Ajay Gupta motivated the students with his inspiring words. Narrating his life story, Mr.Gupta told the audience about how polio effected his lifestyle and career. He emphasised on the fact that positive thinking and an optimistic approach towards life can help a person alot. He highlighted the shortcomings of India as a disabled-friendly country and how he has worked towards making India more accessible via his disabled-friendly Ridhihood University. “I feel privileged because of my Bachpan and Academy Heights network of schools. The network is of 120 schools and provides education to more than 35,000 children”, said the founder of the ‘Hum Honge Kamyab’ foundation. The speaker told the students about the importance of being flexible in life and concluded with the famous military war cry, “Josh is high, very high.”

The day and the conclave culminated with senior INC politician and MP, Kapil Sibal. He spoke unreservedly about his past and how did his family settle in India after the partition. Speaking about the diversity and heterogeneity of India, Mr. Sibal said, “Unification of India comes not through diktat but will come through emotion.” He then moved onto the economical and social demographics of India. Mentioning the importance of youth, he emphasised on the shortcomings of the education system and significance of the freedom of students. Taking a jibe at the central government he added, “You don’t have to say ‘Jai Shree Ram’ to be a good student.” While highlighting the importance of dissent in a democracy, he accused the NDA government  of trying to ‘hijack’ university campuses. Ending his speech, the Rajya Sabha member, said, “The country deserves better leaders, better (university) vice chancellors and better citizens.”

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The second day at Shri Ram College of Commerce’s Business Conclave garnered the attention of many with its stunning lineup and enlightening discussions. 

Day 2 of Business Conclave 2020, organized by the Students’ Union of Shri Ram College of Commerce kick started with a session by Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Cabinet Minister of Law Justice. Speaking of Digital India, he explained how digital literacy and electronic payments can empower the rural sectors. He emphasized on the importance of new areas of growth like machine learning and artificial intelligence and the leverage given for development in education and healthcare sectors. During the interactive session with the students, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad discussed cyber security and issues of privacy, money allocation in the judiciary, all India law examinations and initiatives for rural women outreach. He encouraged students to work and learn beyond their comfort zones since there is no substitute for field experience.

The event proceeded with a panel, moderated by Rishabh Shroff, co head and partner Cyril Amarchand Mangal days. Renowned entrepreneurs and businessmen such as Ankit Mehrotra, CEO dineout, Ashneer Grover, CEO and Co-founder Bharat pe, Anchit Nayar, CEO Nykaa and Deepit Purkayastha, Co founder Inshorts formed the part of the panel. Throwing light on the growing startup industry in India the leading businessmen enlightened the youth about the requirements and prerequisites for establishing an industry and start up. This was followed by a Q and A round in which the panel took immense pleasure in answering the queries of the students.

Social activist and eminent thinker, Sunil Ambedkar spoke candidly about the future of students with respect to new India, idea of dissent and his pro stance on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registration of Citizens (NRC) among few other things, with senior journalist Rashmi Das.
The major takeaways from his dialogues were his support for small service businesses and inclusion of rural India in making the nation into an economic power. He said,”I went to Guwahati where a person made traditional outfits for which he was critiqued, but his pieces are what constitute the majority of Bollywood movies like Bahubali.”
His leaning for inclusions were in contradiction with his assertive stance of CAA and NRC.

Finally, the showdown was met by the eagerly awaited stand up comedy king, Aakash Gupta who took the students to a brief account of a Delhi life. He was welcomed amidst cheers, laughter and security. His witty and sarcastic jokes along with the funny imitations of the different ways in which the people sneeze and laugh left the crowd with aching stomachs. The entire day was a huge success which not only left the students with a better knowledge about e commerce, startup industry and business development but also took good care of their needs of humor and entertainment.

The event proceeded with a panel, moderated by Rishabh Shroff, co head and partner Cyril Amarchand Mangal days. Renowned entrepreneurs and businessmen such as Ankit Mehrotra, CEO dineout, Ashneer Grover, CEO and co founder Bharat pe, Anchit Nayar, CEO Nykaa and Deepit Purkayastha, Co founder Inshorts formed the part of the panel. Throwing light on the growing startup industry in India the leading businessmen enlightened the youth about the requirements and prerequisites for establishing an industry and start up. This was followed by a Q and A round in which the panel took immense pleasure in answering the queries of the students.

Milind Kamble, the Chairman of the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI) talked about his contribution to the upliftment of Dalits. He has been honoured with Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honour in 2013. He started with a discussion on his personal life and talked about the reasons why he chose to become an entrepreneur and ‘a job giver, not a job seeker’. He also took a moment to talk about his brand Le Dharavi which opened the discussion on employment generation being the need of the hour. He also shared his personal experiences of discussions with a vegetable vendor and other vendors on the issue of employment and mentioned the employment generation by new start-ups like Oyo, Swiggy, Zomato, and others. He also appealed to the students to join financial services and called India a ‘Young Country’ and went on to say that India will remain young even when countries like Japan, UK, USA grow old.


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Business Conclave’19, hosted by Shri Ram College of Commerce, witnessed an amalgamation of entrepreneurs and many eminent individuals.

Acharya Balakrishna, CEO of Patanjali, addressed the students and said that he was content seeing the bhavishya and buddhi (the future and the intellect) of the nation. He also said that we need to retain our youth within the country by providing them job opportunities, while also mentioning how his company employed over 30,000 direct employees. Upasana Taku, mountaineer and marathon runner, punctuated the spaces between guest speakers and enthralled the audience with nostalgic anecdotes about her adventures on the peaks.

There was also motivational speaker, Praveen Wadalkar, who, by giving an account of his own life story, told the audience how everyone has the potential to be great.

Ankur Jain, founder of B-9 drinks traced his journey in the beer making market, and said how important it is to find something you are passionate about, in order that you may do justice to it.

The conclave inched towards an end with a discussion on the book ’26/11 Stories of Strength’ published by The Indian Express and issues surrounding terrorism in the present context.

Kavita Iyer, the editor of the book who was also moderating the session began it by telling the audience what the book was about. Prof. Simrit Kaur, principal of the college (who was also a panelist) emphasized on the importance of the episodes discussed in the book for the present generation since they are “stories of strength”. She was also quoted as saying, “We, at SRCC believe in giving back to the society” and by way of discussion she believed that change would gradually come.

The conclave concluded with Papa CJ’s performance, that paved way to a yet another successful year of the conclave.


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The SRCC Business Conclave, India’s largest management fest, concluded on 5th of February after 3 days of extravaganza. The festival aims to broaden the horizons of the youth by engaging them in a series of intellectually stimulating speaker sessions concerning issues that act as the orbit around which modern business rotates. In sync with previous years, the core theme for this year’s sessions was “In touch with tomorrow.” The three days witnessed a host of eminent personalities from a variety of fields engaging youth in interactive sessions. The first day, 3rd February, began with a panel discussion on the theme ‘Startup Culture in India.’ The panellists included Ankit Bhatt from MapMyIndia, Kashyap Deorah, author of the book ‘Golden-Trap’, Rajesh Gupta from Fresh Falsabzi, Ankur Warikoo from Nearbuy and Saurabh Kochhar from FoodPanda, where they discussed the opportunities and challenges to startups in India. Next came the much awaited session with Nirmala Sitharaman, moderated by Rajdeep Sardesai. Mr. Sardesai in one of the questions asked her, “…two wasted Parliament sessions, the monsoon washed out and the winter froze. No legislation for GST. Politicians still put their personal interests forth?” to which, the lady of the hour said, “The hitch is not with NDA. If they let us pass the bill we will sit together to have lunch with them (other parties).” The events were followed by a Gala Night where Dhruv Vishwanathan entertained the audience with his mesmerizing guitar chords. 4th February began with the Shri Ram Memorial speech by Mr. Nitin Gadkari where he emphasised the role of youth in nation building is fundamental. He said, “Conversion of wealth into knowledge is called progress.” When asked about the nature of politicians he said that only the ideation of good people in the politics can result in growth. The next speaker, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal sharing the stories of his struggle and success said, “In a small garage in Ludhiana, me and my team put together the first ‘push-button’ phone of India. Then came Mr. D. Shivakumar, CEO PepsiCo India, who shed light on the strength of Indian youth saying, “What youth has today, is voice.” The next on the dias was Derek-O-Brien, who we all know as the Bournavita Quizmaster. Currently a Member of Parliament he said, “Politician bashing is very easy. There are always jokers in a pack. But the Parliament is also full of some serious talent.” The final speaker of the day was Medha Patkar, activist for Narmada Bachao Andolan and she highlighted the importance of Human resource saying, “Money alone cannot give you the suit on your body, the paper we use and even the currency notes.” The first speaker for the final day was G.M.Rao, Chairman GMR Group. Revisiting his early days and all the obstacles he faced, he said, “There was a time when I started 28 different businesses at the same time. I was grabbing whatever opportunity I was getting.” The next to come was Mr. Adi Godrej from Godrej Group who spoke about how fundamental is enforced legislation to the growth of a country but how too many rules and regulations can often slow down the process. Rajat Sharma, took over the stage who interacted in a light manner with the students. About his journey with IndiaTV, he recounted, “Sapna profit banane ya BMW mei aane ka nahi tha. Sapna sirf logo ka pyaar or dil jeetne ka tha.” This year, the Business Conclave went International, calling David Plouffe, Former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama. He attracted a lot of questions and curiosity, expressing opinion about India, the elections in the United States and even Donald Trump. After him came, Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Finance, who said, “The most important duty of a finance executive is Honesty.” The next to come was Anurag Thakur, MP and Secretary, BCCI, and he said, “Cricket, and sports give you the knowledge which classroom doesn’t offer. Sports is a way of life that helps in character building.” The guest speaker for the final day was Suresh Raina, when audience asked him if he was a front or back bencher in school, he laughed and said, “Main class mei bethta hi nahi tha.” The event was wrapped up with the much awaited guest, Mr. Rishi Kapoor. As he is famous on twitter for his witty, straight forward personality, his answers at the event too matched his charisma. When asked about Bollywood, he said, “The business of cinema is huge. The only entertainment after cinema is sex.”

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