“Almost everybody in this world can’t bear to see the other person being better than him.” It’s in these short sentences that she makes the reader relate to her life. “…as he grew older, his Christmas list got smaller and the things he really wanted could no longer be bought.” Keith and Avantika’s story is offbeat and chooses to break multiple norms; it’s unfazed and fearless. One would simply keep on reading to know what the newly-find solace in Avantika’s life shall turn out to be like. The end, though, will make you question if life is fair to everyone, after all!   Image Credits: stylanzo.com Arushi Pathak [email protected]]]>

“I just don’t have time right now,” said every Type-A person ever. As a solution, we urge you to gift this book to them. It’s a promise that they’ll thank you for gifting them this book weaved with an inspiring message.

When you see ‘The Time Keeper’ by American Best-seller ‘Mitch Albom’ kept on the bookshelf, you’ll probably think it’s a non-fiction book about time management. Then you’d read the synopsis at the back of the book and realize it’s a fiction story. However, once you finish devouring this book in an evening or two, you’re left behind with a heart-warming story, your own perspective of time and an unforgettable truth – the true value of time.
Mitch Albom weaves together three supposedly unrelated life paths to make us stop and think. One is of a love-starved teenage girl living in the era of social media who gets humiliated by her crush wanting to end her time, an aged billionaire down with cancer wanting to buy some more time, and ‘Father Time’ who’s story will leave you thinking about the very notion of counting seconds.

Albom adopts an abbreviated style to narrate his story, making any reader feel like they went through just 50 pages instead of 240. He adds a unique combination of mythology, reality, fantasy, science, and of course – makes us realize how ‘time flies’.
If you ever hear yourself say phrases like “It’s too late”, “I don’t have time”, “just some more time”, “Five more minutes” – Then perhaps, you too could give this book your time.

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Shaina Ahluwalia

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