Blue Neighbourhood


Troye Sivan’s much-talked about second major-label EP WILD released on September 4 and has already earned shoutouts from the likes of Taylor Swift and Sam Smith on Twitter. Along with excellent electro-pop music, with bass drops and emotional lyrics that will either calm you down- thanks to Troye’s soothing vocals- or make your stomach lurch with feelings, the EP has also resulted in a three-part video series called ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ which features songs off the EP.

Troye, who publicly came out as gay in 2013 and has since then used his massive fan following to impact the lives of many, has once again used the platform he has to present a simple, non-stereotypical portrayal of a love story between two boys who go from being childhood best friends to falling in love. The trailer of the trilogy that teased at love blossoming between the two friends despite facing odds like their families being at strife and homophobia at the hands of one of the characters garnered a lot of buzz, and with the first two parts of the series already out and toying with everyone’s feelings, it’s clear that the young, aesthetic looking 20 year old singer-songwriter (and actor and YouTuber; he’s a man of many talents) has given the world a heart-tugging LGBTQ romance that doesn’t fetishize or stereotype their relationship or their identities.

The first video, which is of the title track WILD, focuses on the friendship of the two boys from their childhood, with intermittent glances of what it has progressed to. The mostly happy lingering feelings from WILD pretty much get trampled on in the second video FOOLS, which shows Troye and his partner (played to perfection by Matthew Eriksson) wanting to explore their relationship but stopped short because of a certain other character. Ending on a cliffhanger, the video left a lot of people who watched it begging the singer to release the third part early.

As someone who has listened to the EP repeatedly since its release and has followed the series since the release of the first video, I find the narrative fascinating. If a ‘feels’ trip is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Blue Neighbourhood. And as we suffer through together, here’s hoping the third part is released sometime soon to end our agony!

Watch the first two parts here.

Feature Image Credits: tumblr.com