Before you begin your own blog, remind yourself of the following things and prepare yourself accordingly.

  1. Clear Vision

You need to have a clear vision about what your blog attempts to deliver to your audience. Is there a gap that you are trying to fill in the society through your blog? Is it a personal or public space? Narrow down your focus to make it sharper and more accurate.

  1. Consistency

It is very important to be consistent with your posts. Stay active and keep posting. However, that must not make you compromise the quality of your content. Strike a balance. There is no real way of doing it. It is a decision you make for your own space.

  1. You will not grow popular instantly

If you think you will gain a following very soon or go viral, hold your horses! It doesn’t happen like that. Viral things go out of attention as quickly as they get into it. It will take time to build a loyal fan base and that should not make you question the worth of your blog. It is the general nature of the internet.

  1. You will meet people who disagree

Your blog promotes an idea. Every idea faces two reactions. One of them is supportive, and other is opposing or maybe even that of indifference. Therefore, even your blog will attract a crowd that does not agree or resonate with your ideas. Remember that it is fine and it does not put your blog into question because this difficulty is not unique to your blog. Every blog has it.

  1. Practice is the key

You will not understand it in one go. You won’t event understand it after reading long posts on its strategies. But, if your practice posting and keep at it, then you’ll get better at it and understand it. You will learn only by working on your blog. First-hand knowledge and practicality are what blogs are all about. They cannot be theorized.


Best of luck. More power to you!



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Khyati Sanger

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Blogs have to struggle to get recognition in today’s world of visual graphics, and therefore remain unexplored and underutilised.

It is very easy to catch a random stranger drooling over a YouTube video but rarely any engrossed in reading a blog. Blogs are short, on-the-go and compact reads that you can access on your mobile phone. They are accessible internationally and therefore reachable all around the world.

Unlike publication, you do not need sponsorship, struggle, fan following or any backing to reach the entire world anymore. But how many of us actually use this cost efficient opportunity? Furthermore, blogs are the best ways of self expression as they are personalised spaces you can create and use as per your own liking without any third party involvement or clause.

It is like an interactive book with newer innovations. One can add songs in the background of the blog to be played while reading; create tabs as different zones on the blog itself and avail an array of features to make their blog more creative. The writer as well as the reader grows on their journey as the blog progresses.

However, they have always been underutilised by the readers as well as the bloggers. It is very difficult for a blogger to become acknowledged without tying up their blog with another medium of expression like a YouTube channel or book publication. It is almost like the blogs are not independent mediums anymore. One of the major reasons for this is the distraction and consequent laziness of the readers. You will see perfectly crafted blogs without traffic and meaningless videos trending on YouTube simply because they are videos.

In today’s fast moving world, nobody has time for long term commitments with a blog. It is easier to be a passively engaged viewer with a video or laugh away the stress with memes. Reaffirming that, Shivani Gautam, the blog owner of ‘The Abode of the Uninspired and the Lost’ says, “The problem is when you don’t have viewership. It drives bloggers crazy and it is one hard thing to get. They don’t have any motivation to write further, they start doubting their worth.” Without the support and traffic to motivate the writers, the blogs do not go on and end up as just one among the huge heap of abandoned blogs on the Internet. This is why painstaking mediums like blogs remain unexplored.


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Khyati Sanger

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