If your friend is celebrating their birthday under the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, read further to see how you can make their day better!

2020 has a special birthday present, for all those born in the March and early-April borns out there- the coronavirus pandemic along with almost a month-long lockdown for the after party. Be a better friend than 2020 to ensure your friends don’t get too lonely on their birthdays. Here are some steps:


  • Houseparty at Midnight


Nothing is more special than having your best friend call you up at midnight to wish you a happy birthday. But what’s better is having five friends video call you over bad network so you can all blame each other for having the worst WiFi. Use applications like Instagram, Houseparty or even Zoom (because who really attends online classes) for group video calling.  


  • Send over Swiggy


Nobody really wants to eat homemade food on their birthdays, especially after eating nothing but that for the past few weeks under this lockdown. Get food delivered at your friend’s home from their favourite restaurant because nobody can be sad while eating their favourite food. However, ensure that the restaurant follows the World Health Organisation’s (WHO)’s safety standards. 


  • Make a Movie and Song Playlist


Since there aren’t many options at home, let’s resort to our standard solution- Netflix and Chill. Make a list of all the movies that your friend is certain to enjoy, make sure they’re all on some online streaming channel, and if not, download and send them on drive. Also make a playlist of all the songs that remind you of them to end this birthday on a little emotional note.


  • Multiplayer Online Gaming


Finally, you can download a bunch of online multiplayer games to play with a bunch of friends like Ludo, UNO, Call of Duty, Minecraft and many more. Just remember, don’t let your friend feel lonely. Be there for them and keep reminding them how much they mean to you. 

Have a happy and safe birthday to all March and April borns! 

Featured Image Credits: Bored Panda

Aditi Gutgutia

[email protected]