Bar Council


The Bar Council of India (BCI), in a notice to Delhi University, has asked the university to shut down its evening colleges due lack of proper quality of legal education. The university has been asked to issue a notification that no admissions will be permitted for evening classes from the next year. The Council declared that such programmes do not ensure proper quality of legal education.

“Taking into account that proper quality of legal education cannot be ensured if classes are run during evening and night hours, the Bar Council of India has taken a policy decision to dispense with the evening colleges. Two of your colleges are running classes beyond 9 pm which is in violation of the BCI directive. Whatever may have been the reason for running these colleges, the same cannot be permitted henceforth,” said a BCI directive to DU.

In view of the university’s failure to seek timely extension of the affiliation of its three centres, Campus Law Centre, Law Centre -I and Law Centre -II, the BCI, in 2014, had decided to derecognise the university’s 3 year LLB course. However, it was granted provisional extension for the session 2014-15 after the university proposed a shift to a new building which it claimed had adequate space for effective functioning.

But when the Council inspected the new facility, it found that amidst fresh violations the earlier irregularities had not been attended to. Following this, it issued a fresh notice demanding explanation for admitting more than the permitted number of students, lack of infrastructure and faculty.

The university has been given four weeks to sort out the anomalies and asked to send an undertaking of compliance with rules rectifying the same.

Image credits: Jasmine Chahal for DU Beat


Arindam Goswami

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