You were walking past a garden and your heart wandered to the swings as your childhood stories revisited you.
The first time you fell down but learned to rise again; the time when you made a new friend as you got drenched in the rain; the moment when you learnt to paddle with your father holding back his tears.” 
Baatein is a blog on Instagram and Facebook that displays snippets and small poetry about everything from childhood, to emotions, to dreams, to passion, to love and joy. Founded by Chhaya Dabas, a Political Science Student of Indraprastha College along with Kaustubh Sharma, an Engineering pursuant and Ishita Parashar, a literature student of Hindu College who together embarked upon this journey as they created Baatein.
“Baatein is a stage of conversations and creativity. Inspired from life and the roller coaster it is; emotions, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, it is a place your thoughts meet their echo” Chhaya said upon asking the reason why she started the blog. The blog has gathered multiple accolades and awards, with Ambedkar University’s wall adorned with one of their creations.
Ambedkar University's Wall adorned by Baatein's quotes.
Ambedkar University’s Wall adorned by Baatein’s quotes.
The blog was also declared the winner among the English category of a Twitter based competition hosted by Delhi, I Love you, a cultural movement across the city following the footsteps of Paris, Rio and many other cities across the globe.
As a part of their constant efforts to reach out to more writers and to converse with more souls, Baatein decided to enter the DU Fest season, with stalls at various colleges. The first stall was installed at IP College during their Diwali Mela. The stall was a success and even sold customised products like Dreamcatchers, lamps, diaries etc. The second edition was at Hansraj college on the 5th of Feb, during their Literary Festival. The third stall will be put up at Hindu College on the 25th of February.