The August weather is unpredictable and can put a damper on your style and overall well-being.  Don’t let the tyrannies of the season subdue your fashion drive with these amazing hacks.

  • Choose the right fabric – Faux leather is prone to peeling upon contact with moisture. Suede is a big no as the velvety texture can grab dirt, removing which might ruin your shoes.  Synthetics dry in no time and cotton absorbs sweat. Go for shorts or ankle-length bottoms to keep the edges from dipping into substances. Avoid heavy fabrics. Brighter garments make you stand out in the crowd.
  • Wear minimal makeup – A fresh, no make-up face could be the most carefree way to enjoy monsoon but if you absolutely have to use makeup, don’t go overboard with it! Choose tinted moisturisers over full-coverage foundations. Mascaras and eyeliners should be waterproof at all costs. Tinted balms give your lips a fruity, bubblegummy wash of colour. Lip stains could minimise the risk of looking like you just had a make out session.
  • Take care of your jewelry – Make your lackluster silver jewelry brand new again by brushing it with some toothpaste. Refrain from using street-bought jewelry as it could corrode and leave a nasty green residue on your skin. Get a hold of some beady necklaces in various colours so that you have something for each outfit. You could even try the lightweight wooden bangles if you are going for an earthy, non-fussy look.
  • Hair-care should be a priority – Excessive styling products can not only make your hair greasy from the humidity but also build up on the scalp and hair causing dandruff and breakage. To tame the frizz and avoid stray hair getting all over your face and neck, apply styling mousse on freshly washed hair and diffuse to create ringlets that hold together, finish with some hair serum. If you’re on a budget, take a dollop of body lotion or two drops of non-sticky oil, rub between palms and run over hair. Choose from an array of ‘gym hairdos’ such as top knots, double Dutch braids and fishtail ponies to keep your hair in place. Avoid abrasive hair accessories and last but not the least, do not comb wet hair. 
  • Look out for your books – To keep books from getting dog-eared, store them in waterproof zip folders, available in stylish designs and neon colours. If you want to continue with canvas bag packs, try the old school method of lining the insides of your bag with polythene. Don’t forget to experiment with trendy umbrellas and raincoats! While raincoats may be a hassle to carry, compact umbrellas fit easily inside bags. Choose from a range of quirky prints and bright colours to pop in some cheer during the sombre weather.
  • Do not forget essential skincare – Blending sunscreen into your skin is a task, especially if you’re hairy but don’t skip on it! Even if the sun isn’t visible, harmful sun rays could still penetrate through the clouds. Choose a cream based sunscreen, preferably waterproof too, with an SPF of at least 30.
  • Carry a newspaper along – Regardless of whether you’re a newspaper person, you might want to carry one along. Apart from their primary purpose, they serve as excellent mats, saving our books and butts from getting wet. And if your drenched footwear won’t stop squeaking like a rat, crumple a page, stuff into your shoe and you’re good to go! Keep wet wipes napkins handy to tissue off mud stains.
  • Look out for yourself – The season also comes with its share of blisters. Thigh chaffing or the popularly known ‘chub rubs’ are burns caused by friction between the thighs, which aggravates due to sweat.  Abstain from tight clothes that cause discomfort. For the painful shoe bites, wear socks and carry enough band aids. Fungal infections are fairly common during the season. Avoid stepping into puddles, dry your shoes well and give your feet regular pedicures. Refrain from padded bras as they soak sweat and moisture, becoming a hub for bacteria. Carry a travel sized deodorant to keep body odour away.

These hacks will ensure that the unpredictable, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy weather of August does not affect your style or overall comfort.

Feature Image Credits – Pinterest

Ananya Acharya

[email protected]