These twelve astrological signs constantly revolve in our lives. We figure out why people rely so much on astrology.

You must’ve come across certain stereotypical comments like, “she is so sensitive and moody, like a typical cancerian” or “he is so stubborn, like a typical Capricorn” or you may wake up early morning to find your grandmother sitting in front of the television, watching the week’s horoscope and vaastu, sharp at 7 AM. From centuries, we have been listening to the age old myths- your personality is deeply affected and related to your zodiac sign. For many who might be wondering, how does a constellation or astrological assumption determine their personality, aren’t a person’s individual interests and their genetics at role here?

Astrology is an elaborate system of knowledge which consists of many voluminous treatises of intricate calculations based on the position of the stars and planets and the inter-relation which exists between the various phenomena on Earth (including human life) and the heavenly bodies. Many deem astrology as a ‘pseudo-science’. However, in many cultures, be it the Indus Valley, Chinese, Mesopotamian or any others, it has a deep significance, and all of us at some or the other point, fall victim to believing in our behavior to be synced with that of our zodiac sign.

Image Credits: Rent Mantra
Image Credits: Rent Mantra

Diacus, Latin for zodiac, comes from a Greek work which means a circle of animals. Basically the term is used to describe the circle formed of twelve 30 ° divisions of the celestial longitude which centers around the path of the sun, ecliptic in structure. These zodiacs are further broken down into the planets or the elements which consist of or represent them. There are twelve zodiac signs, also known as the Sun signs. According to old scriptures, it is the time at which a particular person is born, and the cosmic alliance, which is a key factor in determining your personality. In religions like Hinduism, it is the kundli, a chart which is prepared showcasing your birth date, time, place, and indicating the 360?  zodiac was on the eastern horizon as from your place of birth, date, and time. It is considered important in astrology, and almost every household gets it made.

Apeksha Jain, a second year B.Com. programme student of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College states, “Astrology is something which has always amused me. A lot of people criticize me for liking it, but it is my personal choice. I used to sit with my grandmother whenever she called the pandit over to forecast our horoscopes, and it always left me with a lot of curiosity. I used to spend my time reading about my zodiac sign, a lot. So I feel it’s a personal choice and so is the level of amusement you feel towards it.”

However, not everyone favours this age old tradition of astrology. Nikki Chaudhary, a student of Maitreyi College comments, “I have never believed in any of this. My family is deeply religious and they believe in astrology a lot. For me, it never appealed to me. How can my personality be determined through my zodiac sign? Millions of people were and are born on the same day as I am, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all similar simply because we share a zodiac sign. What annoys me more is how people try to justify their actions by saying it is the inherent personality of their zodiac sign.”

There is however, no scientific proof attached to this assumption. Over the years multiple studies have been conducted, and as such, there are very few or hardly any, which support this theory. Researcher Mark Mayberry claims, “it all comes down to what we want to hear. We all want to desperately believe in the magic of zodiac sings because we are fascinated by the thought of astrology and its ties to our personalities.”

A common discussion also springs up the topic of those, whose birth date falls at the intersecting point- the very beginning or the very ending of a particular zodiac sign assigned month. Will they share characteristics of both the zodiacs? If so, which would be the more dominant one? Anoushka Raina, a B.Sc Programme student of Miranda House comments, “my birthday falls in one of the last days of the Cancer zodiac. Does this mean my personality is a mix of both Cancer and Leo?” Hence, the sync between personality and zodiac sign gives us a sense of complacency. We can possess many different traits and a lot of the times they may not be corresponding to that of our zodiac sign. Is this a thing to be disheartened about, or shall we take it in a good spirit? After all, since there is no clear scientific evidence to their genuinity, let us all act and react in the way we like to!


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