Delhi University has been facing arrant chaos and bedlam ever since admissions to the Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) started. It’s the first time ever that many colleges closed their doors for admissions to courses before time due to over admissions. The forking for equality, selection and caliber has been reducing with the admissions to FYUP. Colleges have been soughing under the stress. There was a torrent of applications from students at some colleges due to lower cut-offs and consequent to the same there were admissions over the ratified seats. For instance, there were 55,000 applications this year compared to 2,200 last year for the Journalism Course. By retaining the original certificates and unnecessarily detaining admission process, many colleges have also been accused of. Besides some colleges also admitted students on first-come-first-serve basis, which is out of the bound of rule books.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) casts about the aftermath of the delving by Delhi University. The University, after all, has resolved to appoint a high-octane committee headed by a retired judge to inquire over the alleged matters regarding infraction of admission norms by some colleges during the ongoing admissions. An inquiry into the issue has been originated by J.M. Khurana, the Dean, Students’ Welfare.

Six colleges namely College of Vocational Studies (CVS), Sri Aurobindo, Maharaja Agrasen, Swami Shraddhanand, Shyam Lal and Atma Ram Santan Dharma (ARSD) had promised seats to aspirants eligible in first cutoff and denied later. Applicants had to visit Dean’s office (Student Welfare) to settle issues, although many of which could be tackled at the colleges themselves. CVS confronted problems regarding English Honours admissions whereas ARSD, Maharja Agrasen College and Sri Aurobindo faced trouble at B.Tech in Computer Science, B.Tech in Electronics, Physics and Chemistry, respectively. Also, students and parents, calling for justice, brought out strike at CVS, unfortunately which had no positive upshot.