Archie comics



It’s been only four years since one of our favourite dramas; Gossip Girl wrapped up its last season and left us wanting more. Luckily, the lord has mercy and with the emergence of Riverdale, a dark take on Archie and his crew, our weekly quota of gossip and glamour promises to be satisfied.

The leading ladies – honey and coal: Betty and Veronica remind us a lot of another iconic blonde and brunette duo, well yes Serena and Blair. Just like their hate-love relationship that survived through all odds, Betty and Veronica seem to share the same passionate dynamic.

The mogul mom -Veronica’s mother, Hermione Lodge, reminds us of a certain fashion mogul mother from Gossip Girl. Although she isn’t the founder of a successful fashion line like Eleanor Waldorf, she happens to be a newly single mom finding her way through.

The Manhattan Wardrobe – Veronica Lodge and Blair Waldorf seem to share the same outfits with their very prim and proper demeanor.

The writer – Jughead is clearly 2017’s version of lonely boy. Just like Dan Humphrey, Jughead is already painted as the moody, tortured writer who has an interesting past with the main characters. He’s also interestingly the narrator of the show so far, which is giving us major Gossip Girl vibes (XOXO).

The psychotic interjection – Cheryl Blossom, sister of the late Jason Blossom, gives off major Georgina Sparks flashbacks.. Just like Georgina’s scandalous friendship with Serena on Gossip Girl, there’s clearly some sort of history between Cheryl and Betty, and we’re intrigued to find out more. If this character is anything like Georgina, there’s only a matter of time before epic stuff goes down.


Anahita Sahu

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