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The Asia Pacific Week is an annual conference held at the Australian National University and hosted by the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. The Conference brings together 100 of the best and brightest students and academic delegates from around the world to engage in discussion on the future of the Asia Pacific region. An annual conference of this sort was a long established tradition at the ANU. But from 2011 onwards and with the introduction of a student organizing committee, APW has started attracting delegates and senior officials from around the world. Since then it has analyzed and focused on many issues of contemporary relevance such as ‘climate change ‘, ‘cyber-crime’ and global topics such as the growth of Asian countries and its relevance in relation to other countries.

Akash Mehta, a final year graduation student studying Economics Honours at Shri Ram College of Commerce and the cultural secretary of DUSU, has been selected as a national delegate and will be attending the 2015 APW with one Anurag Baid from IIT Kharagpur. Hailing from Sonipat district in Haryana, Akash has done his schooling from Delhi Public School, RK Puram.

Now in its fifth year, the theme for this year’s APW is ‘Roads Less Travelled’. This theme will attempt to look at popular issues and concerns in a new light, hoping to solve puzzles that conventional study has struggled to answer. The week will consist of panel discussions on topics like ‘ Political protest’ , ‘Redefining corruption’, ‘Language politics’, ‘War games’ and events such as a Gala dinner and a visit to the President’s Parliament among others. Officials present will be Bob Hawke, Former Australian President, Chris Barrie, former chief of Australian Defence Forces and Professor Hugh White, senior adviser to the Prime Minister of Australia, among others.

Students who wish to attend the international conference have to send their CV’s along with a research paper on any one subtopic which falls under the theme of that year. If you get shortlisted, they will take two online video interviews and ask you a few questions on your paper or on other topics. Depending on how you answer you get an invitation to attend as a delegate.

An opportunity to attend an International Conference of this scale is rare and in many ways a lucrative one, speaking in academic terms. It’s a chance to enhance one’s knowledge about Asia Pacific and the world and also throw light on trans-national issues while developing a broader view of the world. “I expect the sessions to be packed with information and opportunities to interact while also keeping the mood fresh and lively. Networking is the most priceless thing in an international event like Asia Pacific Week, ANU” said Akash when asked about the conference.

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Arindam Goswami
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