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One of the most famous addas of North Campus is getting shut down, and the students cannot contain their grief. The Post Graduate (PG) Mens’ hostel canteen which the students fondly call Anna’s Canteen after the name of its owner, Shetty Anna is closing. It is located at Kamla Nehru ridge and is very famous for its fit-for-king South Indian food. It has about four types of rice, and serves a very renowned biryani. The canteen is all the more famous among those broke students who find Anna’s food very reasonably priced. It is also often visited by cats that are very active and play with the students there. However, the situation now seems grim as Anna has been asked to vacate the hostel before 30th June 2018.

Anna sounded bewildered while talking to a DU Beat correspondent and said that “I have no idea why such a notice has been slapped against me. All the students are my side and they don’t want me to leave. I am ready to make all the changes they want.” Further, Anna informed DU Beat that he has not even been given enough time to vacate the hostel, being only a week’s time after the notice was issued.

In a telephonic conversation with a DU Beat correspondent, Mr. Pujit, Cultural Secretary of PG Mens’ hostel said, “The hostel management has not been following proper procedure for eviction of Anna Canteen from the hostel campus. Students have not been consulted. Anna prepared the best South Indian dishes in the entire state.”

One of the main members of the P.G Mens’ administration, on the condition of anonymity, told DU Beat, “Anna’s contract with the hostel has expired and we have invited new tenders in which Anna himself may apply. Even the N.A.A.C. committee recommendations go against the canteen.”

Anna’s food is a must-try for anyone visiting North Campus. There is no doubt that everyone in campus will miss Anna and the cats dearly. His departure is expected to remain the talk of the town for a long time to come.

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