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There’s something about poetry; something inherent which induces every soul to stop and stare. That drop of reflection, that ignition of compassion; poetry is a harbinger of the better part of every soul. The channelising of this magical weaving of words is adeptly done in the clutches of humanity; allowing it to thrive and percolate. An endearing tale of two friends was stirred with the marvel of poetry when Amy Singh, a Chandigarh-based poetess and theatre artist, adopted a unique fund-raising method when her friend, Anam Narula, a student of DAV College, Chandigarh, was diagnosed with Adult Acute Myeloid Leukaemia towards the end of May this year.

Battling any disease requires a colossal physical and emotional reservoir of strength. Added to this is the practical reality of financial obligations, which prove to be a burden on the patient’s family almost always. In order to financially placate her friend, Amy conceptualised the creative gateway to mobilise aid: by writing poetry and selling it to people, money which will be used for Anam’s treatment. She began writing poems from May 30th, with fellow poets chipping in two days later.


Image Credits: Facebook     
Image Credits: Facebook


“I had not been working for more than two months and had no savings with which I could help him financially. But then I thought what if I wrote poems on request and charge people for those? They money could be used for Anam’s treatment. And poetry was something I knew I was good at and that motivated me to at least try it,” says Amy.

Initially aiming to receive Rs 10,000-15,000, Amy has witnessed a staggering response in the number of people willing to help. The campaign has gained momentum over the days, with poets all across the country eager to chip in to this noble endeavour. “And I was not alone in this. Many poets from Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and Pune with whom we were connected through a spoken word platform chipped in to help me with the poems. Their support was very vital for me,” she says.

Anam is currently awaiting the bone marrow biopsy results post the chemotherapy sessions at the Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. For a boy who had lost all will to tread this harrowing path of survival, Anam was infused with a new lease to life, and continues to project this today. “He is very motivated to fight cancer and come out as a victor,” says Amy, in conversation with DU Beat. For her, two things that have acted as an eyeopener through this journey, she says, “Chivalry isn’t dead, and as my nani would say: Neeyat ko barkat hoti hai.”


Image Credits: Facebook
Image Credits: Facebook

In addition to this creative outlet, other campaigns are being organised to help collect funds. Amy, recounting some of them, says, “An exhibition was set up on June 10th, where many painters and photographers of the city donated their artwork to be sold, with the raised funds going to Anam. On June 11th, four of Chandigarh’s finest storytellers are telling feel good tales. The tickets of the event are available at Rs 200. Raised funds go to Anam. Towards the end of the month, we are organising a run campaign called Run for Hope to help raise funds.”

Image Credits: Facebook
Image Credits: Facebook

When asked what keeps her inspired and motivated to brave her way through this journey, she remarks, “I think this campaign has shattered all the stereotypes, such as: no one pays for poetry, poems don’t see, the world doesn’t care etc. And that’s definitely inspiring me and many fellow poets to continue using poetry as a medium of philanthropy, social change, and hope. I always said and now they believe me when I say that poetry can save the world.”

You can contact Amy to contribute to the campaign here.


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