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Only after 4 years in the industry, Alia Bhatt has emerged as a young trailblazer in her field. Although success came to her with her first release (Student of The Year) at the tender age of 18, she never received the chance to continue higher studies. Now that the actress has firmly established herself in the industry, she has announced that she would like to hit the college books and that too in Delhi University!

Although her choice of college has yet to be announced, she has been explicit in her choice of university. When questioned about her choice, she said, “I have chosen to take up higher studies in Delhi University instead of overseas universities, because it is a melting pot of bright minds from across the country. I believe that being exposed to a varied milieu of accomplished individuals will help me learn more about my society and the people that inhabit it. Moreover, personal contact with different people will also help me in my enactment of characters from different regions of India.” When asked about her choice of subject, she said that she is still undecided, but has always been a lover of English Literature.

An alumnus of Jamnabai Narsee School in Mumbai, it is assumed that she’ll join college in 2017, and will most probably gain entrance through the Dramatics Extra Curricular Activities Quota. The accomplished actress with her numerous awards will probably not find it too difficult to impress the ECA judges.

Be on the lookout as freshers enter DU next year. She may well have chosen your college!

Photo Credits: MTV India

Swareena Gurung
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