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The Students’ Welfare Committee (SWC) that met last week has decided to install air purifiers in the colleges to assure a pollution-free space for students in times of acute pollution.


Delhi has been a gravely polluted space, and it remains so with an alarmingly increasing ratio of pollutants being added into the atmosphere, especially after Diwali celebrations. Even though the Government of Delhi tried to reduce pollution this year, by organising a Diwali celebration and light show in Connaught Place, the results have still been underwhelming. Keeping this in mind, the SWC of the University of Delhi (DU), in its meeting on 1st November, decided to notify all colleges to install air purifiers by the end of the coming month.

This decision was taken after various protests from the students to close colleges, with respect to the pollution in the city were organised throughout the Campus.

“It would not be possible for the colleges to shut down, the University understands the importance of healthcare and values the same, but providing leave to students could lead to the syllabus not being

completed on time and, thus, the Varsity has decided to install air purifiers to ensure that the students’ breath cleaner air,” Bhushan Sarthee Roy, a Committee member, stated.

In the meantime, the Committee has also decided to provide the students with pollution masks at a subsided rate.

Air purifiers are expensive and, thus, this decision was also criticised as the purchase of such a large quantity would not only require additional resources but they also need to be maintained. A memorandum has been sent to the Ministry of Education, with respect to the implementation of the same. Some colleges were not supportive of this decision. “Such a move would mean that the college has to make various changes to accommodate the installation of purifiers.

The Committee has instructed the colleges to bear installation charges and that in turn would reflect on the college fees,” An official, who did not wish to be named, stated. This move has been applauded by many.

“It’s such a relief that DU has decided to install purifiers. It was very difficult to breathe the past week, and many students were suffering from chest pains,” Avantika, a second-year B.A. (Honors) English student at St. Stephen’s College, said.

This move has garnered both negative and positive attention from students and management alike. The news surely comes as a relief to the students as long as the expenses are not added to their term bills.


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