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After 5 successful pre-events AIESEC in Delhi University’s Initiative Udaan 2013 is here with its Final to be held on 13th August 2013. During the past 5 pre events , over 2000 children were impacted and over 300 young leaders were given a platform to contribute to these innocent lives.  AIESEC in Delhi University was supported by Iskon Food Relief Foundation & Delish , as their official food sponsors for the event , Matrix as Stationary partner  also World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF).  These organisations & firms joined hands with AIESEC and managed to impact lives of underprivileged children.

Udaan 13’ consisted of activities such as Jives, Dance workshop for children by Brooklyn Dance Academy & Art Competition. One of the Pre-events also focused on showcasing Global Village for the children. Global Village is a part of AIESEC’s culture wherein they make an attempt to bring the world to one platform, involving international interns representing global diversity. Udaan 13 by AIESEC in Delhi University is an attempt made by youth to take the lead and do something for an innocent young life , who has never imagined a beautiful day full of joy and no worries or struggle.  Udaan 13’ feels honored to have the Member Of Parliament , Kuldeep Bishnoi , as its associate sponsor who is highly contributing to make the final event meet its desirable destiny of 5000 impacted young lives.

AIESEC in Delhi University , Invites you to join hands with us and volunteer , contribute & make a difference to an innocent child’s life. Experience what it feels like to be a leader, the power of impacting someone’s life and the feeling of being impacted.

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Team Udaan 2013


LEAD MUN 2013 is a three-day Model UN Conference powered by the highest performing local chapter of the world’s largest youth run organisation – AIESEC Delhi University. For first-timers – a Model UN Conference is an academic simulation of the UN which gives the participant a chance to step into the shoes of a diplomat, debate, discuss and resolve pressing global issues.

Why you should participate in LEAD MUN 2013?

Very briefly, it is important for an individual’s development to challenge oneself and leave one’s comfort zone to participate in a conference, representing a nation completely different from their home country. You will gain knowledge, experience, have fun and make friends and memories. The most experienced Executive Board and pressing agendas await you.

Apart from the General Assembly, the Security Council and the Human Rights Council, this year LEAD MUN shall be simulating, for the first time in the history of MUNS, Cripps Mission to India, 1946.

Delegate Applications for LEAD MUN 2013 are now OPEN – You don’t want to miss this! Apply now!

You could leave a message on LEAD MUN’s official Facebook page or mail them at [email protected] and they will help you understand the concept of Model UN.


UDAAN is an initiative of AIESEC in Delhi University to bring out the talent in every underprivileged child. The series of events give opportunities to underprivileged children to exhibit their talent by expressing themselves through cultural workshops and various competitions.

On July 6, AIESEC in Delhi University organised a pre-event to kickstart the event which has now become synonymous with AIESEC. Thirty four volunteers and a seven member organizing committee took 500 children from the NGO Chetanalya to the National Museum and showed them around. The excited children first had kirtan, a pooja, which instilled happiness and lifted everyone’s spirits. The joy was evident from the spontaneous dance they all burst into. They were then shown the movie based on The Battle of Plassey. After the movie, Iskon, our food relief partners provided the children with food. It was one memorable day for the children, and the joy on their faces was a heart rendering sight for the volunteers. One of the volunteers said “The kids really enjoyed and came out of their comfort zone, they saw a movie at the Museum which they will never actually see in their life otherwise”.

AIESEC in Delhi University is proud to have spread happiness among the less fortunate. The pre-event was a definite success. The next event will be taking place on the 9th at the Nehru Planetarium.  To volunteer with AIESEC for Udaan 2013, register at http://goo.gl/bpLMO

-AIESEC Delhi University Press Release
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Formed in 1948 to re – establish the severely damaged relations between European nations after the second world war, AIESEC ( Association for International Etudiante of Science, Economics & Commerce) became global in a very short period of time. Today it is the largest student-driven organisation in the world, spread around 113 countries. It provides its members with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, international internships and participation in a global learning environment.

AIESEC in Delhi University was brought into existence in 1984, and is the highest performing Local Chapter in the world. Awarded as the best local committee of AIESEC India in 2011,  it is one of the pioneering local chapters of the organisation. The committee has been active in organising events like Udaan, which  was an event held on 12th July 2012, the main motive was  to bring out the artist in every child by providing underprivileged children in New Delhi, the opportunity to exhibit their dormant talents through cultural workshops and competitions and direct them towards quality educational opportunities. Stub it out was another such event which aims to spread awareness about tobacco related cancer. AIESEC DU’s largest event till date, the YOUTH CARNIVAL, held on 1st September, was an effort to gather an estimated 7,000 students from all across Delhi to showcase talent and the sheer power of the youth, in a global, multicultural environment. AIESEC in Delhi University present in over 30 colleges including LSR, SRCC, St. Stephens, Miranda House, Amity, DTU, etc.

AIESEC in India has established itself in the country and  is now present in 23 cities of India including Chandigarh, Lucknow, Mumbai, Dehradun, Baroda, Chennai etc.

AIESEC helps develop leadership capabilities through their internal leadership programs and engages students and graduates in international student exchange and internship programs for profit and non-profit organizations. Global Internship Programme (GIP) and Global Community Development Program (GCDP) are intense learning experiences that connect members through AIESEC’s global network. Each year more than 10,000 members go abroad to take up the challenging opportunity to live and work in a foreign country.

“We at AIESEC engage people from all over the world to achieve meaningful ends. It’s all about the experience. If you say you’re with AIESEC, you can be: a) doing an internship in any country of any continent, except Antarctica, b) providing international human resource to companies like TCS c) running your own social development project d) doing a lot of cool value adding stuff like sales, marketing, design, communication, public relations e) having fun in life”, says Adhiraj Singh, Local Committee President, AIESEC in Delhi University and a 3 rd year student of Ramjas.

Global Internship Programme (GIP) comprises a wide range of internships in fields such as Finance, Marketing, Network and Database, Engineering, etc. These internships are specifically aimed at developing the participants professionally and enabling them to specialize in a certain field of work.

The Global Community Development Programme internships (GCDP) are related to working with NGOs, organizations and schools in project which are meant to have appositive impact on the society. The main focus of GCDPs is the personal development of the participants and the cross cultural experience they are being provided with. Examples of projects with which an intern can work are, raising HIV/AIDS awareness, woman empowerment in the society, teaching, fundraising, entrepreneurship, etc.

The internal local committee leadership programmes, The Team Leader Programme (TLP) and the Team Member Programme (TMP) is an opportunity for a young person to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by living a practical team experience at a local, national, regional or global level.


AIESEC’s growing physical and virtual reach makes it the most credible and diverse global youth voice. The organisation is recognized across sectors as the first choice partner for its ability to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership. Its collaborative environment empowers every member to live a high quality AIESEC experience, creating a cross-generational positive impact on society. AIESEC’S partners include Hewlett Packard, UBS, Cadbury-Schweppes, Coco cola India, ABN AMRO, Tata & Sons, Godrej Industries etc.

“64 years of Striving for Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential, we believe in international experiences that bring the world together, in providing personal and professional development experiences that change people’s lives for the better. We are grateful to grow everyday and spread the values and vision that we believe in.”


For more information about our internship programs, contact


Aishwarya Tandon
Vice President
AIESEC in Delhi University
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AIESEC in Delhi University, in association with the Rotary Blood Bank & Rotary club of New Delhi, Organized a blood donation drive on world AIDS day at the Select Citywalk mall in Saket, South Delhi.


AIESEC In Delhi University is a branch of the Organization AIESEC, which is the largest youth run organization present in 113 countries. It focuses on creating a positive impact to the society, being the global youth voice, providing the students with leadership opportunities and exchange programs.

About the Event

“Do your bit,” was AIESEC in DU’s 1st pre-event to the, NATIONAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT ’13 to be held in the month of February’13 at Jaipur. “Do Your bit” was an initiative about setting an example for the youth, by having the largest number of students gathering to donate blood on the occasion of World AIDS DAY. The blood then went to Rotary Blood Bank & Rotary club of Delhi, who would provide it to those who needed it. On the 1st of December, the students campaigned around the mall, Select Citywalk, spreading facts about AIDS as well as convincing people to come and do their bit, by donating to contribute to the Nobel cause.

The event started at 1pm and began with the blood donation drive. There were about 150 registrations and around 80 accepted people donated blood. Others were rejected due to smoking, alcohol, Blood Pressure related issues etc. Apart from the students of AIESEC in Delhi University there were also interns from abroad who contributed to this cause. “I was very glad to be a part of this cause” was a sentiment shared by a Japnese Girls named Masa, who donated blood on the day. The event was thought to be, “Very Supportive” by a Sri Lankan girl named Sayuri, who supported the AIESEC interns in their initiative. The donors were provided with certificates, donor cards along with mugs as a token to their contribution. A gentleman of about 50 years, donated blood for the 45th time. He was, “Very glad to see students working on such a Nobel cause.” “I am very happy with the success of the event” was a closing remark made by Adhiraj Singh, president of AIESEC DU.

This camp stood out from yet another blood donation camp by having foreign interns (students) from AIESEC contributing to the cause. The day ended with 80 donors at 6 pm in the evening, and AIESEC in Delhi University an organization run for the students, by the students and from the students succeeded in their mission of Leading Young India.