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Amidst the coronavirus lockdown, while many University of Delhi (DU) students are enjoying a vacation at their home, there are still many who could not make it home in time, and thus, are forced to stay in Delhi under unbearable conditions.

In a recent notice released on the University’s website, it was made clear to all of the students residing in any hostel of DU that there would be necessities provided to them even during the indefinite countrywide lockdown. But the story so far for the residents of Ambedkar Ganguly Students House for Women (AGSHW) has been completely different.

According to the recent information being circulated over social media, Amisha Nanda, a student residing in AGSHW could not enter the hostel even after constant appeals to the authorities. The security guards were instructed by the Provost to throw out any student trying to enter. The provost, Dr Anu Aggarwal stands unmoved to the requests by the students. Students are not able to get basic amenities like food and electricity in the hostel.

Before this, on 20th March 2020, the residents were evacuated on the grounds of a lockdown being initiated and other hostels of DU also being shut down. The notice from the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) came the very next day, which was opposite to what the authorities had been saying.

But the clash between the authorities and residents of AGSHW is not new, there had been protests in the Dhaka Complex since late February 2020, over the problematic statements by Dr K Ratnabali such as “a girl’s body is a mystery”. Amisha is facing disciplinary action for the same and the parents of many students are being called up for the same. While talking to DU Beat, Amisha said, “The series of hostel authorities being vindictive is never-ending. They casually dismiss from the job the contract workers and they would still do everything so as to corner me or the other residents who would want to stay (in the hostel).”

As for the current scenario, Amisha said, “As of now, I am still locked inside. If they’re following the government order, they better first fulfill the condition that accompanies that is proper accommodation and essential facilities. Quarantining is not a problem.”

The students, while understanding that proper precautions need to be taken to prevent the coronavirus, demand a hostel with proper living conditions and basic living amenities, for the guards to not lose their job and for the hostel to provide shelter to all the residents, even if there are only a few residing in the hostel.


Featured Image Credits: Delhi University Official Website

Akshat Arora

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