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After days of wait, large crowds of students flooding open days with hundreds of queries, Delhi University has finally uploaded its much sought Admissions Bulletin 2017-18 for Undergraduate Courses. Although the link of the bulletin was provided in the UG admissions page from the morning itself, but link of the PDF file became inactive after some time. Late Saturday night, University uploaded its admissions bulletin.

The bulletin clearly explains the details of how to register for the online admissions, step by step. It even discusses clearly with examples various topics like how to calculate your best of four. Other than the normal information which the University had earlier shared through its open days, some new information like list of colleges providing concession to girl candidates have been added to the information bulletin.

Here is a brief account of which section you should access to clear your doubts.

  • Registration details: Page no. 1 to 2.
  • Admission Procedure: 3-12
  • Programs offered: 13-14
  • Requirements for admissions: 14-17
  • Program specific requirements: 18- 27
  • College wise Course list and their fees: 28 (Annexture I)
  • Reservations rules and procedures: 29-37
  • Sports and ECA quota and guidelines: 38-43
  • Admissions in non-regular courses like NCWEB, SOL: 49
  • How to calculate best of four: Annexture 2(Page no. 89)
  • Cut off list of previous year: 169

The Admissions bulletin is expected to resolve most of the doubts and queries of the aspirants. Students can also check page no. 63 to 68 to get answers of the frequently asked questions. If still, students face any doubts they can contact the grievance offices in colleges or University’s grievance cell in the conference centre.

You can find the entire PDF document of the bulletin in this link.

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Image credits: www.du.ac.in

Srivedant Kar

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