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Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) appealed to the Vice Chancellor to ensure the examinations go smoothly while the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) has called for an indefinite strike.

In response to the university’s decision of terminating the employment of ad hoc teachers with regards to a letter dated 28th August, Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) sent a call for an indefinite strike from 4th December onwards, where they have decided to boycott evaluation, invigilation duties, and other official work.

Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) however, appealed to the Vice Chancellor, DUTA, and Delhi University Principal Association (DUPA) to settle the ongoing dispute. According to DUSU, The Vice-Chancellor failed to address the concerns of the teachers, due to which the semester examination might end up becoming the collateral damage.

A meeting was convened by the Akshit Dahiya, Pradeep Tanwar, and Shivangi Kharwal, the President, Vice President, and Joint Secretary, DUSU, on 2nd December 2019, which was attended by the elected representatives of College Students’ Unions. The following demands were unanimously passed in  the resolution:

  1. To ensure that examination is conducted on time and university make provision for conducting the exams howsoever.
  2. Arrangement for ad hoc teachers to be made for their continued service and release of salary immediately.
  3. University to withdraw its letter dated 28th August and Vice-Chancellor and DUTA president to end their malicious political game.

DUSU sent a letter to the Vice-Chancellor with the aforementioned demands asking him to ensure the examination process goes smoothly.

Calling it failed leadership of the DUTA and the University Administration, DUSU also felt there are political intentions in the timings of this call as the issue was noted in August but the DUTA President did not take any action back then.

DUSU, in its joint statement said, “We at no cost would allow the delay or cancellation of semester exams. We sympathise with the issue and demand that ad hoc teachers continue their service but at the same time are disappointed with the DUTA President for their irresponsible leadership. The VC must find a solution to this or be ready to face aggression from the student community.”

Image Credits: Daulat Ram College Students' Union Image Caption: The letter sent by DUSU to the Vice Chancellor.
Image Credits: Daulat Ram College Students’ Union
Image Caption: The letter sent by DUSU to the Vice Chancellor.

College Student Unions like the Daulat Ram College Student Union (DRCSU) also shared messages asking for support of the students to ensure the examination goes smoothly.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

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