2 Bandits


What might not seem very impressive and little generic at first, will definitely surprise you once your table starts piling up with mouth-watering delights. Situated right in the heart of Satya Niketan, 2 Bandits certainly lives up to the standards set by the cafés and food joints around.

The ambience is fairly suitable for any meal of the day, the interiors of the place being carefully defined. Along with offering some exceptional specials, it is also a paradise for all hookah-lovers. Double-Apple, Mint, Orange, you name it, they have it! The food menu was very comprehensive, having  indigenous Vada- Paavs and Bruschettas in the list. It also managed to have a vibrant non-vegetarian food list which certainly tasted as exotic as it sounded.

The Chicken Steak Sizzler was one of the most served and enjoyed dishes the place had to offer. The mashed filling between chicken breast was exceptionally different from the regular chicken sizzlers our taste-buds are used to. Potato wedges with the chicken proved to be a splendid side dish. A must-try for vegetarians is The Arabian Night-Veg which is a divine vegetarian paneer wrap served with Garlic Mayo. Veg and Chicken Panini were also favourites.

The café also has a very attractive shakes and mocktail menu. The Lamberjack, a chocolate brownie tasted as fancy as it sounds, served in chemistry lab beakers. The mild taste of Apple with a tinge of Mint and Lemon enabled the Apple Soaked Mojito to make a place in the special recommendations. The evergreen iced tea served in an unconventional funnel-shaped flask tasted as good as it should have.

With all the unusual appetizers the place has to offer, it also carries the basic pasta, burger and pizza menu beginning from as low as 95 rupees. One of the highlights of the café was the tree trunk standing right at the entrance with paper leaves hanging from it boughs, carrying hundreds of memories and messages. With its overall charisma and ambience (not to forget, the affordability for the young crowd out there), this place is certainly worth a visit.

Rating: 4.3/5

Image Credits: 2 Bandits Facebook Page

Arushi Pathak
[email protected]