We are all, as normal sensible human beings, a little miffed about something. Some of us are unhappy with our academic achievement, some of us are distressed about the relationships we share with our friends and family, some of us are upset about the unfortunate dimensions of our noses or the floppiness of our ears and so on and so forth.

Even those, like your own humble editor, who claim to be otherwise happy creatures have some basic dissatisfaction, although we are not always ready to admit it. Contrary as it may seem, this fundamental discontent is really quite a good thing. It ensures that our otherwise drear lives are actually worth living. Had we, as creatures, been ready to accept the laws of nature as they were, without feeling the inexplicable yet compelling urge to understand them, like every other ordinary complacent animal, we would have been so awfully bored, especially with our unfashionably large brains un-worked and un-stimulated, that we would probably be even sadder than we are right now. This basic unhappiness is what has made man such a successful, albeit frightful, beast. But you are still struggling, I’d imagine, to gauge the whole point of this rant.

Well…the fact is that we are a student newspaper. A newspaper that contains student views, news, insight and all that jazz. Students, young, talented and in some unfortunate cases, patently talentless, are possibly the most discontent of the lot. And therefore, the most interesting as well. So this is an open invitation to all those students around DU who have, quite frankly, grown sick of their mundane lives, to write to us and share with us the nature and causes of your unhappiness.

We are, of course, not promising that this action will do you any good, apart from the minor satisfaction of seeing your work in print, but we are certain that you will help us establish one the most jarringly readable newspapers in the world. We extend this invitation to every student. From happy, goody-two-shoes and depressed sympathy mongers to aspiring investigative, sleuthy ‘pussy-foot’ journalists to dissipated debauchers, you’re all more than welcome, although if you actually are a proud self-confessed debaucher then we must request you to warn us beforehand, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

And if we really like your writing, which I’m not saying we will, we might even offer you a job of some sort. So write in, people, be heard and hired and if you don’t work, fired. That’s the way the world works, I’m afraid. But we, at DUB, even in the throes of our manifest dissatisfactions, are rather nicer and more forgiving than the rest of the world.