Shashank Gupta


‘After two years of disappointment, justice had finally been done to the brand name Venky is’. This was the general opinion after Nexus 2012, the annual cultural festival of Sri Venkateswara College came to an end. This year’s event stood out in a number of aspects from its previous arrangements, having 5 professional shows being just one of them.

From a spectator’s point of view, the three days were certainly eventful. I list the 10 things you couldn’t have missed at Nexus 2012:

Rangoli competition


  1. The Rangoli’s. Every other fest is marked by a beautiful Rangoli to greet the participants, and Nexus 2012 was no different. Made at the centre of the foyer, it made for a pretty sighting. So much so that not even a single person stepped over it, careful of not disturbing its beauty.
  2. Celebrating Delhi’s 100 years. A number of events showcased this year’s theme of celebrating Delhi’s 100 years as capital of India. Upon entering the college, you could see a cutout of the Lotus temple placed in front of the entrance. Apart from that, the Rangoli competition, Collage making among others incorporated the same.
  3. The photographs, which were pinned to the walls in front of the seminar hall, in the lobby, in the foyer, almost everywhere were a hit with the audience as well.
  4. Security. After the hap hazard handling of the audience during Celeb nights the previous year, the security handled the situation very well this time round. Though at one point of time the Delhi Police authorities did not allow anyone to enter the college including the participants. What followed were the typical Dilliwallah dialogues – ‘Sir, organizing authority mein hun mai, XYZ se puch lo aap’, ‘ Bhai gate pe hun, entry karwa de meri’ among others.
  5. The organizers. Dressed in their suits running from one end to another with a walkie-talkie in their hand, responding to the numerous requests from sponsors, celebrities and the participants.
  6. The impromptu b-boying to some videshi numbers was a huge crowd puller. The back spin, turtles, hand glide, six steps were among the various moves these performers pulled out of their magic hat. You can find the video on DU Beat’s facebook page.
  7. Even though Parikrama rocked, strangely enough there were seats deployed for a ‘concert’, and the audience was supposed to be sitting during numbers like Highway to Hell and But it Rained. While the audience in the front often got up, some cranky fellows sitting at the back who had apparently come for a movie started cribbing. One of them even said – ‘Baith jaoo oyee, warna aag laga dunga sab mein’. He was with a girl, so the crowd let it be.
  8. The rattled expressions on your face when you were thoroughly stumped by the questions in the Delhi Quiz, wondering if you have been living in a parallel universe for the past 12 years.
  9. Razzmatazz, the western dance competition was marked by a few technical stoppages, but kudos to the teams which kept on performing even with minimal sound and were rightfully cheered on by an appreciating audience.
  10. Finally, after the enthralling performances by Parikrama and Advaita, next was the turn of Shibani Kashyap. But, even her ‘Sajnaaaaa ‘performance could not match up to the levels set by the two bands. If this was not enough, a shimmering dress and a pointless Guitar prop did not help her case, entertaining none the less.


Shashank Gupta

Farooq Abdullah with Principal Hemalatha Reddy

The first day of the annual cultural festival of Sri Venkateswara College kicked off in the morning with the chief guest Farooq Abdullah inaugurating the three day event.

The first in line of events was the Western Dance (Solo) competition,where the participants gladly showed off their moves and panache to the audience. Next in line were a number of events such as Western Vocals, Folk Dance (Group), Indian Classical Dance (Solo).The Street Dance competition grabbed many eyeballs, and Fair Field Institute of Management nudged ahead of the others in a tough face off. The Delhi Quiz conducted by Venky’s quiz society
Conquiztador barraged a sizeable audience with questions pertaining to the past and present of the City of Delhi, with the team of Shubham and Shashank of NSIT and IGNOU emerging the winners.
The theme of Nexus, which celebrates the 100 years of Delhi as the capital was showcased in a number of events such as Rangoli Making and Collage Making. Next in line was the mega event of the day, the performance by Guillotine- the popular band of Delhi University famous for opening the Metallica Concert in Bengaluru. Although the event got off to a delayed start, they left no stone unturned to enthrall the audience with some headbanging music. Funnily enough, the band was so well received that many girls cheered on the Keyboard player Akshat Taneja and Guitarist Takar Nabam and even flocked them for photographs.
Shortly afterwards, the final event of the day, Razamatazz – Western Dance (Group) competition got underway. The show was marked by a number of incidents which included frequent technical issues relating to the audio. Sri Ram College of Commerce had to restart their routine due to the same, but managed to deliver a fine performance. Following them were performances by Khalsa, Gargi, Kirori Mal and others. The finest performance though was given by Hansraj and they were rightly awarded the first position late in the night.Nonetheless, the opening day of the festival saw an excellent turnout which stayed late in the night much to the delight of the participating teams. Apart from a few inevitable snags, Nexus 2012 is truly underway.Stay tuned to DU Beat’s Facebook page for the live updates of Day 2 and the pictures and videos from Day 1.

FinX: The Finance Society of CBS[/caption] In a world where pragmatic knowledge is essential, a unique initiative such as that of the Finance society of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies goes a long way in bridging the gap between the classroom culture and the real world understanding. Incepted in 2008, FinX is a unique initiative taken by the students of S.S.C.B.S with the intention of providing financial education and testing the financial acumen of students. The society runs a weekly e-paper, the Weekly Pulse, throwing light on major developments in the world of business and finance and giving insights on the effect of policy decisions in the macro economy. The USP of FinX though is its mock stock trading game – FinWiz. Among the various stock trading simulations doing the rounds in colleges, FinWiz comes closest to matching the bullish and bearish trends of the stock exchange market. Chirag Jain, student coordinator of FinX says:

“Since we believe in matching up to the standards of our highly intellectual and stimulating participants, each event entails a proper format depicting the vagaries of the stock markets, its dynamic spirit, of being moved by the forces of real demand and supply, its uncertain nature and the thrills of playing with virtual money. Apart from pioneering mock stocks, we organize finance quizzes, bidding wars and online contests.”
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="227"] FinWiz[/caption] This year Fin Wiz is scheduled for January 31 and is being hosted in partnership with the Bombay Stock Exchange. Chirag adds, “BSE is helping in making the event grander. Also their representatives will be explaining the concepts of stock markets that are going to be tested within FinWiz. So, for those who don’t have previous knowledge, BSE will ensure you are quickly equipped with the needful acumen.” The society also indulges in holding other competitions such as Fight of the Knights, FinQuizzitive, Bulls and Bears and Debt o Blast throughout the calendar to test the skills of finance enthusiasts from Delhi University. As Rich Dad from Robert Kyosaki’s series would proudly put it, ‘Anyone who is not financially literate cannot see into an investment’. Shashank Gupta [email protected]      ]]>

It takes great courage to stand between the woodwork and spoil the opponent’s every move. Trusting their instincts and backing their agility, being a Goalkeeper is no easy task. While you need several brilliant saves to prove yourself, one slight mistake can bring you down. Rakshit Kumar takes a stand for his team and for a profession severely undervalued in the country.

Rakshit Kumar

Club: Simla Youngs FC
Participated in ‘Welsh International Super Cup ‘, Wales at U-15,U-17,U-19 level.
Represented Madhya Pradesh at U-19 school nationals 2009-10 securing 2nd position
Participated in U-19 All india open nationals 2009-10
Participated in National football League B 2009-10, 2010-11 from Simla Young FC.
Participated in Manchester united U-15 Cup.

How and when did you decide that you want to become a goalkeeper and follow football?

I started playing football at the age of 13 in school only, and my coach told me that I was more suitable as a goalkeeper. I was always enthusiastic about goalkeeping and thus went with it.

What are the issues you have faced in your journey so far and which continue to ail the sport?

From whatever I have seen I can say that there is lack of professionalism and apart from that there are other issues such as lack of proper guidance and infrastructure. I’ve seen many people go forward with their power of money, while deserving players don’t get their due.

What about the quality of coaches?

There are not many goalkeeping coaches in India but I had an opportunity to train under a Japanese coach and I got to learn a lot from him. Such exposure gives you a different view of the game, and brings professionalism in your game. They stress on the subtle passing game than the lob and run style our coaches follow.

What are the issues associated with goalkeeping specifically?

Grounds in India are of poor quality and not suitable for goalkeeping. The playing surface is very hard and many a times without grass cover. You have to be strong mentally and physically to play regularly in these conditions.

Where do you go from here?

I am focused towards playing for Simla Youngs FC and hope to qualify for the I-league this season. Also my ambition is to stand between the poles for Delhi in the Santosh Trophy and then ultimately for the national team.

You would advice others to take up the sport, become a goalkeeper?

Chances are definitely there irrespective of the flaws I’ve mentioned. Given the right exposure, and support from sponsors, a hardworking player will always be successful. Have a look at Subrata Pal, he is a very highly rated goalkeeper and he is an Indian!

Which is the best football league in the world? This is a question which keeps ardent football fans busy. Though the English Premier League might be more popular than La Liga, or Seria A for that matter, judging a league based on it’s popularity alone would be naive. A closer look at the top contenders throws light on this subject.

English Premier League

The Premiership with its rising television ratings and infusion of massive foreign investment is the obvious choice of many pundits. It boasts of a frantic pace of football, often laden with grueling physical battles. Many big names who came with hefty price tags to England unfortunately left with nothing but a tattered reputation. Although critics say that the Premier League is too physical, statistics suggest that in 2005-09 the number of fouls committed per match were the lowest in the world.

Traditionally EPL has been a four horse race, there are always teams who have gone on to disturb the hierarchy and clinch Champions League spots and even cause a few upsets. Teams such as Stoke City, a menace at home, make encounters pretty exciting. The likes of Everton, Aston Villa and Tottenham are no pushovers either. As far as Champions League is concerned the English teams have dominated it in recent years, being well represented in the knockout stages.

La Liga

To be fair La Liga does portray the beautiful side of the game and has a lot of art, color, passion and vigour. Apart from this, off late all the bigwigs of footballing fraternity have either spurned out from this league or have migrated here: Messi, Kaka, Ronaldo, Fabregas, Villa to name a few. On the other hand, a close inspection reveals that these names are from either Barcelona or Real Madrid, which is why La Liga has been often called a two horse race. Last time a team apart from these two won the league was in 2004 when Valencia triumphed. Also, the drop in quality is evident as you move further down the table, an area where EPL fares better.

That said, lack of coverage and inconvenient match timings dont help its cause. Those who do follow it closely, say that the La Liga stakes a strong claim at being the best in the world.

Italian Serie A

Once the strongest in the world, Serie A has fallen off its perch with constant match fixing scandals, increasing average age of players and an excessively defensive mindset. It’s true that Italian football lacks pace of late, but the slow build up of the game often engages the audience. The slick triangle passing especially among the top clubs makes for a spectacle. It’s this style and the club loyalty of Italian players that has allowed Italy to fare well in the World Cups (except the last one). Teams like AC Milan and Inter Milan are considered one of the toughest oppositions in Europe and foreign teams fear a trip to the San Siro in European competitions. Sadly, the fall of Juventus has reduced its popularity considerably, and made a good league seem average.

The 2011 season has seen a somewhat surge in the quality as well as competitiveness of the league. The Juventus renaissance has made the league interesting with as many as 7 teams including the likes of Milan, Inter Milan, Lazio, AS Roma, Udinese and Napoli vying for the title.

German Bundesliga

Not many watch the Bundesliga, in fact not many know if it’s even telecasted or not. The German League is known mostly for its stadiums and brilliant crowds. The gap between powerhouse Bayern Munich and the rest has closed and there are now several teams in the running for the title every year. The problem is its popularity in comparison with the other three, especially outside Germany, which in turn doesn’t attract big investors. But the fact that Germany has finished third in the last two World Cups must have something to do with the Bundesliga as well.

You can look at all kinds of statistics, number of fouls, shots on targets, goals scored but finally it does come down to personal preference. If the others league got as much coverage as the EPL, maybe then we could reach a conclusion.

It was a week where controversies dominated the proceedings. Commonwealth Games were in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons and so was Michael Schumacher, overshadowing the build up to the soccer season and some sober cricket for the gentlemen. Nonetheless, we bring you all the transfer news, the drama, the adrenaline, the obvious and the not so obvious.
During the last week, there have been various stories regarding the irregularities in the orders of QBR Launch Function at London Overlays and association of M/S Sports Marketing and Management (SMAM) in obtaining the Sponsorship for the games. The controversy emerged over charges that a UK-based firm AM Films is being used as a channel for siphoning off crores of rupees that have been sanctioned by the government for the smooth conduct of the games. It is alleged that the money trail leading to UK is key proof of the rampant corruption in the Commonwealth Games 2010.Investigation reports are yet to follow.
Moving on to Formula 1, last week’s Hungarian Grand Prix was clinched by Red Bull’s Mark Webber who also went on top of the standings with 161 points closely followed by Hamilton(157), Vettel (151), Button (147) and Alonso (141). But Michael Schumacher’s comeback season went from bad to worse .He was battling with Barrichello down the main straight when he pushed his former team-mate to within inches of the wall. Barrichello said it was the “most dangerous incident” of his career. Schumacher said he was sorry but will be penalized 10 places on the grid in the next race .Also Ferrari will appear before the FIA World Motor Sport Council next month following their controversial one-two result at the previous German Grand Prix. The Italian team was fined US$100,000 by the Hockenheim race stewards for breaching sporting regulations after Felipe Massa, who had been leading the event, moved aside to allow team mate Fernando Alonso past when such maneuvers are not allowed.
On to cricket, the countdown to the next year’s Cricket World Cup in the subcontinent has already begun with organizers launching the mascot ‘Stumpy’- a baby elephant during the ongoing test match series between India and Sri Lanka. Speaking of which, India drew with Sri Lanka on a dead pitch in the second test match. Also, Pakistan were drubbed by England by 354 runs in the first Test match in the 4 match series being played in England.
In football, transfer rumours are doing the rounds with Cesc Fabregas’s future still undecided. Inter Milan striker, Mario Balotelli is inching closer to a move towards Manchester City. Manchester United are being linked with a move for Villareal and ex-United striker Giuseppe Rossi and Real Madrid midfielder Lassana Diarra. EPL Champions Chelsea expect to complete the signing of Ramires from Benfica before the end of the week, with the fee believed to be £17million. Meanwhile, there is good news for Liverpool fans where Fernando Torres has followed in Gerard’s footsteps by committing himself to the club. Also there has been news of a takeover of the club with Chinese businessman Kenny Huang among the favorites. The EPL season kicks off on August 14. Let’s hope for more action on the field rather than off it.

David Robert Joseph Beckham, 35 year old soccer star, celebrity, entertainer, and most of all a family man, is a living legend to many youngsters like me all over the world, and more so in a cricket frenzied part of the world. Many of us know Beckham only as a soccer star, a free kick specialist, and the man who scored from half line. But there is more to him than what meets the eye.
It’s the BUBBLE, as Beckham refers to his family and their effervescent world in his biography ‘My Side’. Beckham with Victoria and their 3 sons Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz make a wonderful picture. Beckham learned what comes along with all the fame the hard way when he had got various threat calls from kidnappers intimidating to kidnap his family. In his book ‘My side’ Beckham wrote “We were upset and scared, but you can’t just hide and hope it will all go away. My family’s safety is the most important thing in the world; it’s the same for any dad. So in the days after, it was a case of trying to work out what we could do.”
In his autobiography, Beckham mentions that they were like any other family; they shopped, went on holiday, and spent time with each other. With both mum and dad as celebrities; with the whole circus of paparazzi, publicity, finding their names on the front page every day they were still able to keep the ‘bubble’ bouncing. Beckham also underlined his joy on being a father, describing it as an unbelievable feeling only a dad can understand, the feeling was unique for all his three children but still not any one greater than the other.
Once when United were due training before their game against Chelsea, Brooklyn had his first nativity play at nursery school. Beckham like any other dad in the world was desperate to be at his son’s nursery school but he was denied permission from the coach and ended up winding up Sir Alex. This was a critical reason in the immensely written- about rift between Sir Alex Ferguson where Ferguson felt that life was never same for David after his marriage. He stated, “He was never a problem until he got married. He used to go into work with the academy coaches at night time; he was a fantastic young lad. Getting married into that entertainment scene was a difficult thing – from that moment, his life was never going to be the same. He is such a big celebrity; football is only a small part.”
His professional career has been a rollercoaster ride, he has seen his glory days come and go by. He has won accolades, silverware for his clubs, been through many tear-jerking injuries and some ghastly criticism (was held responsible for England’s 1998 world cup loss to Argentina where he was red carded). He was at his peak at United and people still wonder what if he hadn’t left, what if he was still at Manchester United? Probably, he would have achieved even greater heights but after all that has been said and done; the bottom line is that David Beckham in an illustrious career, in the face of ups and downs has been a perfect family person and an idol to many people in and outside the football fraternity.

Football has been the most popular sport on the planet for some time now, and not without reason. Each World Cup has left a mark in time. A gaze into history will tell you that the 1966 World Cup was remembered for the Geoff Hurst goal, 1986 for Maradona’s Hand of God, and more recently 2006 for Zidane’s head butt. But this world cup will be remembered for a lot more than just football. Here’s a fact – at 2.24 goals per match so far, the average this year is the second-lowest after the 1990 World Cup in Italy, which saw an average of 2.21 goals. Perhaps that is why news off the pitch managed to grab more headlines this FIFA.
Take Paul, the Octopus for instance. Who knew the biggest star of the World Cup would be an eight-legged creature who can’t even kick a ball. He made all the football pundits feel like mere parrots, who stealthily watched Paul’s predictions before every match. With the World Cup coming to an end, there have been talks hinting at Paul’s retirement. His owners stated, “He won’t give any more oracle predictions – either in football; or in politics, lifestyle or economy”(the task of predicting whether India would ever play for the FIFA World Cup probably did him in). Hearing this, Fabio Cannavaro (given no media coverage), who retired after Italy’s exit, just hit a new low in his career.
There was lack of entertainment on the field but off it, Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme, like Maradona’s proposal for Argentina, promised the media to pose in the buff if her nation won the Cup. Now we know why Paraguay was cheered for more than Argentina. However, Paraguay’s loss didn’t stop her from posing nude for the team, while everyone is thankful Maradona did not follow suit. Also, it would be unfair to not mention the French mutiny. Even the vuvuzelas weren’t able to drown their voice. If only Nicolas Anelka produced some magic from his feet rather than his mouth, things would be different.
Another trend this World cup saw was the never ending spat between Pele and Maradona. These ‘men of honour’, in an attempt to bolster their own case, ended up criticising each other’s personal lives. The Brazilian accused Maradona of not being a great role model for children because of his history with drugs and even though too inexperienced to coach Argentina, he took up the responsibility solely for the need of money. To this Maradona, outraged, claimed that Pele lost his virginity to a man. It’s a pity that the two parties did not meet; nothing like an added fist-fight between the two legends.
Last but not least, ESPN deserves special mention for showing Shakira’s Waka Waka on replay, which proved to be more entertaining than watching goalkeepers dance to the Jabulani’s tune; and so does Iker Casillas who bade adieu to this World Cup with an on-camera kiss with his reporter girlfriend, Sara Carbonero. And with this, the FIFA World Cup 2010 ended on an entertaining note for football and non-football fans like. Now that’s what you call masala entrtainment for all.