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To add to every DU aspirant’s anticipation, a few colleges have started releasing their first cut-off list for admission to the Session 2016-19. The admission under first cut-off list is set to begin tomorrow i.e. on 30th June 2016 from 9 am onwards. The following colleges have released their first-cut off so far:

Kirori Mal College

Check out the cut-off link here: First Cut-Off list for KMC

Maharaja Agrasen College

Check out the cut-off link here: First Cut-Off list for Maharaja Agrasen College  

PGDAV College (Evening)

Check out the cut-off link here: First Cut-Off List for PGDAV College 

Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Day)

Check out the cut-off link here: First Cut-Off list for SBSC

Shyama Prasad Mukherji College

Check out the cut-off link here: First Cut-Off list for Shyama Prasad Mukherji College 

Vivekananda College

Check out the cut-off link here: First Cut-Off list for Vivekananda College 

Zakir Husain College (Morning)

Check out the cut-off link here: First Cut-off list for Zakir Husain College 

Miranda House

Check out the cut-off link here: First cut-off list for Miranda House

Jesus and Mary College

Check out the cut-off link here: First cut-off list for JMC

College of Vocational Studies

Check out the cut-off here: First cut-off list for CVS

Gargi College

Check out the cut-off here: First cut-off list for Gargi College

Ramjas College

Check out the cut-off here: First Cut-Off for Ramjas College 

Daulat Ram College

Check out the cut-off here: First Cut-Off for Daulat Ram College

Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

Check out the cut-off here: First Cut-off for Delhi College of Arts & Commerce

Janki Devi Memorial College 

Check out the cut-off here: First Cut-off for Janki Devi Memorial College

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa (SGND) College 

Check out the cut-off here: First Cut-off for SGND Khalsa College

Bharti College

Check out the cut-off here: First Cut-off for Bharti College

Deshbandhu College

Check out the cut-off here: First Cut-off for Deshbandhu College

All applicants to the specified courses, who are eligible according to the cut off marks given above, must contact the concerned college on June 30, July 01 & July 02 of 2016 between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. along with their original documents and Photostat copies etc., failing which their eligibility for admission will stand automatically cancelled, and they will not be considered for admission after 02 June 2016.

You may take a look at the list of important documents to carry for admissions here. 

We wish you all the best for the admission process! 

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Amidst the admission frenzy, Delhi University is set to change its admission itinerary and extend the online application process till 22nd June 2016. The Admission Committee, which held an urgent meeting recently, unanimously decided to extend the registration process due to OBC-category candidates seeking more time to upload their income certificates online.

Owing to the change in schedule, the first cut-off list will now be released by the university on 30th June instead. Talking to us about the same, Nachiketa Singh, a member of the Academic Council and Central Admission Committee said,”Since the OBC students belonging to the non-creamy layer are facing problem in obtaining the certificates on a short notice, the committee unanimously decided to extend the date. The closing date of admission remains 16th of August though.” The change, interestingly, has nothing to do with the DUTA’s boycott of the admission process, Singh stated.

Another major agenda of the meeting though was the varsity’s displeasure with St. Stephen’s College. The university administration is apparently miffed with the college for not following its schedule and allegedly refusing to participate in the centralised trials for sports-quota admissions.”The committee is of a unanimous opinion that St. Stephens and even Jesus and Mary College must follow the centralised procedure as notified by the varsity. The whole purpose of the High Court directive was to help the students skip the hassle of multiple trials. If the directive is not adhered to, then the university holds the right to withhold enrolment numbers of any student taking admission in these colleges. We have notified St.Stephens College about the same and are awaiting their response,” remarked Singh.

Delhi University has already received over 3 lakh applications for its undergraduate programmes.


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DU Beat recently got a chance to interact with television’s new dance sensation and a DU alumnus, Ryan Martyr, who is currently showcasing his dance moves on the dance reality show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. A contemporary dancer by profession, he wants to build a tree house and organise a buffet for dogs if he wins the dance reality show. Excerpts:

DUB: As an alumnus of a popular DU College like Sri Venkateswara, is there any anecdote you’d like to share with us that you can recall from your days as a member of Verve, the Western Dance Society of Venky? What is your take on DU’s dance circuit in general? 

Ryan Martyr (RM): I earlier wanted to become a footballer. But when I got into college, I “just for fun” auditioned for the western dance society. Surprisingly, everyone loved me and instantly started to believe that I had the potential to be a professional dancer. That’s how I began dancing. My take on DU’s dance circuit is that I feel it gives a budding artist multiple opportunities to showcase his/her potential. The competition and the whole vibe pushes you to grow exponentially. Its absolutely wonderful.

DUB: As a member of a dance society, you must have attended quite a lot of fests at DU. Which college was your favourite to perform at during fests and why?

RM: My favourite college to perform in was Venky itself. The reason being that performing in front of your own college and home crowd gives you a high like none other. The cheering before and after the performance makes you want to push for greatness and definitely brings out the best in you.

DUB: Looking at your immense experience at such a young age, who is that one person/personality that keeps you motivated or whom you admire the most and why?

RM: The one dancer who inspires me a lot is Travis wall from So You Think You Can Dance, America. He began as a dancer on the show, then moved on to being a choreographer, then to a judge on the same show and now he is an Emmy winning choreographer. And in fact, I received a shoutout from Travis wall in my first round on SYTYCD India which was definitely one of the happiest moments of my life till date.


DUB: How did the idea of entering a dance reality show crop up in your mind? What is the larger goal you wish to achieve by performing at a platform of such a mammoth nature? 

RM: Honestly, I never wanted to enter any reality show. I just did because So You Think You Can Dance was the only reason I began dancing and as a young dancer, I always wanted to become a dancer of the same quality and so since the opportunity came knocking, I had to answer it. My larger purpose is to inspire people to follow their dreams and live life whole-heartedly. Hopefully, by dancing my heart out on this show I can achieve this.

DUB: Today the youth is driven by money, fame and the limelight that reality TV has in store. What is your take on the increasing commercial interest that has penetrated a creative industry like dance? Do you think this hampers true talent from coming to the forefront?

RM: I believe that before exposing yourself to fame & money, its very important to develop your art first. There is no point in selling stale art. Once your art is ready there is no harm in exposing it to the world. In fact by doing so, you can inspire millions.


“I believe that before exposing yourself to fame & money, its very important to develop your art first. There is no point in selling stale art.” 

DUB: To choose dance as a career option definitely mustn’t have been a smooth sailing for you, given the larger societal scepticism surrounding it in India. What did it take you to convince your parents and family to let you choose your passion as your career?
RM: Choosing dance was easy. I just had to follow my calling. I knew it the day I felt it, that Dance was for me. Convincing my parents was easy because I was convinced and was showing positive results from day one. I was so dedicated to dance that my parents never felt the need to question my decision. But yes, I have gone through many ups and downs which has just made me stronger.
DUB: Apart from Contemporary, which other dance forms do you enjoy performing?

RM: I love doing hip hop and dancehall. Like honestly, at times I feel I am a better club dancer!

DUB: You have participated at the prestigious Britain’s Got Talent too. How was the experience there different from your experience performing on the Indian National Television? 

RM: I got selected for Britain’s Got Talent too, yes, but I could not participate on the show because I was on a tourist visa. But yes, to showcase my raw soul in a country like England where every dancer is so perfect was quite special.

DUB: Would you like to share something about your ‘guru’? Any memories of any college faculty leaving an impact on you in any way?

RM: I honestly have no guru. I learn and get inspired from almost everyone I meet. I am learning every minute. Wherever I am, I find someone or the other to get inspired from.

DUB: You have become a very exemplary figure among the youngsters as is evident from your growing online support. Any message or mantra you would want to convey to the students who wish to pursue a career in dance?

RM: Keep it simple. Keep it true. Make sure everything you do is full of yourself. Live life like you would never ever live it again. And love yourself!

DUB: If you do win the show, what do you intend to do post your big victory? Any specific goals?

RM: If I do win the show, I want to build myself a tree house. And use some money to publish my book, and definitely make a few songs. Probably have a buffet for all street dogs! I just want everyone to believe that Dreams Do Come True. Just work for it. Live a life people would love to read about.

“I want to build myself a tree house. And use some money to publish my book, and definitely make a few songs. Probably have a buffet for all street dogs!”

Image credits: Allan Martyr and Sandeep Chhabra

Interviewed by Riya Chhibber for DU Beat

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Oshikka Lumb, a student of Lady Sri Ram College (LSR), has recently established her startup ‘Markitiers’. The startup is based on youth marketing, investments, CSR and consultancy services. Oshikka, who formed the startup along with her friends, Mahima Sharma and Manav Kaushik, had tried her hands on various startups and then devised a way of forming her own startup friendly organization. The newly recruited team comprises of various students from across DU, segregated in departments like digital marketing, creative marketing, event marketing, Startup social responsibility, offline marketing, recruitment services and Public Relation and communications, among others.

image2 (2)
Oshikka Lumb, Founder, Markitiers

An alumnus of Jesus and Mary College, Oshikka had keen interest in Marketing. According to her, there’s a need of providing a suitable platform to the youth. For this purpose, she had implemented the ideas of youth marketing and social startup responsibility, which will aim at empowering programs and campaigns to effectively link brand and the youth. With an aim of changing the conventional ways of marketing, the startup strives to benefit the associated startups and youth at the same time. Coming from a typical academic background, where major struggles include psychological pressures of getting good marks, Oshikka managed to put her best foot forward in the field that interested her the most. Inspired by Steve Jobs, she reflects firmly on the belief of ‘following the gut’ and taking risks to inspire and invent new ideas.

Recently, Oshikka received the ‘Young Entrepreneur’ Award by the Entrepreneurship Cell of LSR. In context of her achievements, she said, “I am glad to see my efforts bearing good results. I would like to encourage all the aspiring young entrepreneurs to trust themselves, discover their ideas and explore their being.” By the year end, she plans to create a social network portal for all startups to ensure their efficient interaction in the market.

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In the coming fortnight, nearly 40,000 students will prepare for one entrance exam that will change their lives forever- the Joint Admission Test. And surely, guidance offered from first-hand experience is what all students need right now.

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies is extremely proud to launch the Admission Campaign 2016 for the Joint Admission Test.

In the coming days, a group of students from the college will be helping the aspirants prepare for the most important day of their life through the following initiatives:

1. Question of the Day

One question from each of the four sections will be posted daily to help the students get a sense of the JAT beforehand:
1. Quantitative Ability
2. Reasoning and Analytical Ability
3. General English
4. Business and General Awareness

2. AskCBSites

Having gone through the admission process themselves, the CBSites know a trick or two when it comes to finishing in the top percentile. Therefore, 4 CBSites will be taking up doubts and queries to help streamline the aspirants’ preparations and giving them wisdom gained from first-hand experience.

3. GD/PI Mentor

The subsequent GD/PI rounds after the JAT matter a lot because of their weightage. And since preparation for this is not entirely possible through a mock round, a bunch of students will be giving expert tips and suggestions to help aspirants ace this round.

You can watch the campaign outline here.

So, all aspirants are requested to stay tuned to the SSCBS page for updates and material:

After a lot of hustle and bustle, The University of Delhi has begun its much anticipated admissions to Undergraduate Courses via complete online registration for the session 2016-17 today. With the admissions going completely online this year, the varsity has introduced some crucial changes to the admission procedure which must be kept in mind by all the hopeful candidates. Read along as we try to collate all the important information for you about this admission season.

I. The registration process 

Every DU aspirant is required to register online on the DU UG Admissions Portal in order to be eligible for admission to various DU colleges and courses. Online registration details are available on the following UG admission portal:

In order to not miss out on any crucial dates and deadlines, take a look at the important dates that you must be well versed with, in the table below:

A. Important dates: 

Online registrations begin

1 June 2016

Closing date for online registrations

19 June 2016

Release of first-cut off list

27 June 2016

Commencement of classes

20 July 2016

Closing date of admissions

16 August 2016

B. Online registration fee for admission to UG Courses (2016-17) 

The registration fee for the UG form is to be paid online. It is significant to note that a candidate’s application submission process shall be completed only after payment of the online registration fee. The fee structure for online registration for different categories are as given below:

Registration fee for UR/OBC

Rs. 100 (Non-refundable)

Registration fee for SC/ST/PwD Rs. 50 (Non-refundable)
Registration fee for Sports/ECA

Rs. 100 (Additional, Non-refundable)

After payment of the online registration fee, corrections, additions, deletions etc. in any manner shall not be allowed in the registration form. The candidates are, therefore, advised to fill their forms carefully. Candidates can fill as many Course Choices as they want. There will be no extra fee being charged for the same.

C. Important documents to keep handy during online registration 

In the Mandatory upload section, the applicant has to upload the following items:

a) Passport size photograph of the applicant. The specification of the passport size photo is same as that used in the Indian Passport.

b) Scanned signature of the applicant

c) Self attested copy of Class X Board Certificate (for the date of birth)

d) Self attested Class XII Marks-Sheet, if result is announced. (In case Mark-Sheet is not issued by the Board then the self attested copy of the Mark-Sheet downloaded from the respective boards’ website should be uploaded).

e) Self attested copy of SC/ST/OBC/PwD/KM/CW Certificate, if applicable.

f) Self attested copy of income certificate (for OBC non-creamy layer) Certificate, if applicable.

g) Self attested copy of Sport Certificate(s) for last three years, if applicable.

h) Self attested copy of Extra Curricular Activities Certificate(s), if applicable.

The University will accept self-attested copies of documents / papers provided by the students. The varsity has made it clear that if any false attestation / falsified records are detected, the student will be debarred from attending any course in the University / or its Colleges for next five years and in addition, a criminal case under relevant sections of IPC will be instituted against him/her. 

III. Eligibility criteria for various courses:

The most important question that arises while taking admission in DU is the confusion and ambiguity of whether a student is actually eligible for the course of his/her choice. The university thus, like each year, has come up with a comprehensive list of eligibility criteria for various courses across the three streams of Arts, Commerce and Science.

You can take a look at the UG Bulletin of Information for more insight about the eligibility criteria here.  

III. The Admission Process after release of first cut-off

An aspiring DU student must keep a regular check on the university website and the website(s) of the college(s) of the candidate’s choice. As per the varsity, the First Cut-Off list will be released on 27th June, 2016, therefore, a candidate must keep a tab on the DU website around the same date.

It must be kept in mind that the announcement of cut-off lists for all courses/categories (UR/OBC/SC/ST/PwD/KM) will be made through University website. Once the cut-off list is released, the candidates who meet the requisite cut-off will have to login to the UG admission portal and select the college/course where the candidate wishes to take admission and check whether he or she meets the desired cut-off criterion.

Once the candidate meets the cut-off and the rest of the criteria for the specific course he/she wants to pursue, the aspirant will have to take the print out of the admission form and together with the list of documents (as mentioned above) proceed to the respective college for verification of mark sheet, calculation of cut-off percentage depending on the course and verification of other documents. The schedule for verification of documents in the colleges is as given below:




Online Registration

01st June 2016 (Wednesday) at 12 noon to 19th June 2016 (Sunday) at 06:00 PM**


Notification of First admission List by the Colleges

27th June 2016 ( Monday)

9 AM

Document verification and Approval of Admission

27th June 2016 ( Monday ) to 29th June, 2016 (Wednesday)

Up to 1 PM*

Notification of Second Admission List by the Colleges

01st July 2016 ( Friday )

9 AM

Document verification and Approval of Admission

01st July 2016 (Friday) to 04th July, 2016 (Monday)

Up to 1 PM*

Notification of Third Admission List by the Colleges

7th July 2016 ( Thursday)

9 AM

Document verification and Approval of Admission

7th July 2016 ( Thursday) to 9th July 2016 (Saturday)

Up to 1 PM

Notification of Fourth Admission List by the Colleges (if any) 12th July 2016 (Tuesday) 9 AM
Document verification and Approval of Admission 12th July 2016 (Tuesday) to 14th July 2016 (Thursday) Up to 1 PM*
Notification of Fifth Admission List by the Colleges (if any) 16th July 2016 ( Saturday) 9 AM
Document verification and Approval of Admission 16th July 2016 ( Saturday) to 19th July 2016 (Tuesday) Up to 1 PM

Time given in the Table is for the verification of the documents and approval of admission in the colleges. Once the college approves admission, the candidate is permitted to make online admission fee payment till 12 noon of the next day of the given admission list deadline.

For Evening Colleges however, the time would be between 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Once the college approves admission, the candidate is permitted to make online admission fee payment till 12 noon of the next day of the given admission list deadline. The online registration and registration fee payment shall continue till 06:00 PM of 19th June 2016. However, those applicants who have confirmed their online registration at the UG admission portal till 06:00 PM of 19th June 2016 shall be permitted to submit online registration fee till 12 noon of 20th June 2016.

IV. Admission process to be followed post the 5th Cut-Off list:

If the seats remain vacant after fifth cut-off list, the following process shall be followed to fill vacant seats in the colleges.

i. The colleges shall notify the status of vacant seats (course-wise and category-wise) on the university portal as well as on their website and college notice board.

ii. Only those candidates who had registered earlier on the UG admission portal will be eligible for this admission process. The candidate is again required to apply online through UG admission portal and choose the course/college wherever seats are available and as per the notified schedule only.

iii. The application of such candidates will be received online only for 3 days, each in two phases.

iv. The college will prepare a merit list of all candidates who have applied in the college online with their names, online registration number and Best of Four/PCM/PCB etc. (whichever is applicable) for each course and display the complete merit list on its website and notice board.

v. The college will also notify the merit list with names and registration number of candidates eligible for admission against vacant seats.

vi. The admission of the candidates, whose names appear in the merit list prepared by the college for each course, will be admitted in next two days on merit basis only against vacant seats. The admission process will however be only online as earlier.

vii. Three such lists with names of eligible candidates for admission as per the seats available should be brought out according to the schedule announced by the University.

viii. After three such cut-offs, if the seats still remain vacant or the list has been exhausted, the college will again invite applications online through university portal as above (points 2 & 3). The subsequent admission process will be similar as notified (refer points 1 to 6).

The application and Admission Schedule after Fifth Cutoff in colleges wherever seats are vacant can be accessed through the link here. 

V. Redressal of queries, important university contacts 

For any general queries related with the overall online registration or/and admission process, an applicant may write an email to the following email address: [email protected]

For any technical query related with online registration or/and admission process, please send an email to the following email address: [email protected]

Applicant may also contact colleges for any specific college related information here.  (College information tab)

Keep reading this space for more information about DU UG Admissions!

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The Delhi University Teacher’s Association boycotted the evaluation of scripts for undergraduate examinations as on 24th May against the UGC Gazette Notification of 4th May which will lead to loss of jobs for around 5000 ad-hoc, temporary and guest teachers. Most of them have been teaching in the university for many years.  All twelve evaluation centers were closed on the first day of boycott. Evaluation halls at Daulat Ram College and Miranda House were locked; the ones at Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Dyal Singh and Gargi colleges were vacant, as reported by a popular national daily. 

According to a DUTA statement, the Amendment was issued under the guise of addressing the teacher’s grievances against the infamous API system which had led to large scale denial of promotions and devalued research and teaching. It also contained a secret clause that had a direct impact on the teachers’ working hours. For Assistant professors, the workload increased from 16 hours of direct teaching to 18 hours, plus 6 hours of tutorials. Similarly for Associate professors, working hours have been increased from 14 to 22 hours.

“DUTA demands that the government withdraws the Gazette notification immediately and initiates a dialogue with Teacher’s Associations on the issue”, said the statement.

Teachers across the University expressed their anger over a four day boycott during which period, Staff Associations will hold meetings and pass resolutions on the issue. A General Body Meeting of DUTA will be held on 28th May to analyse the situation and decide further course of action. If the government does not withdraw the notification, teachers might even boycott the admission process.

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Delhi University’s minority colleges such as St. Stephen’s and Jesus and Mary College are all set to join the varsity’s centralised admission process this academic session. The move comes in response to a meeting held by a 24-member admission committee that recommended that all colleges under DU should participate in the centralised online registration process. These institutions, however, will continue with their own admission policy of selection of students despite having an alignment with centralised admission process.

“The student will have to first register on the DU website and then go to the website of these colleges and fill their form as well,” remarked Nachiketa Singh, a member of the admission committee while talking to a popular national daily.

As per this move, students will first have to fill the centralised UG admission form and then provide the registration number given by DU to proceed with the admission process in these individual colleges. The colleges will, however, continue to have a separate merit criteria under which they are free to issue their own cut-off lists.

Mata Sundari College for Women, Sri Guru Nanak Dev (SGND) Khalsa College and Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce -the three colleges run by the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) which were granted minority status by the Delhi High Court last year, have also approached the varsity authorities to permit them to have independent admission process from the upcoming session.


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After 14 yrs of schooling, every student hallucinates about a fanciful college life, full of fun and frolic! While the transition from being a school kid to a college goer is an indescribable experience, however, just like a mountain, this experience has its own peaks and valleys. Read along as we try to give words to this adventurous expedition by taking a timely peek-a-boo into the reality of college life.

The new found freedom

Before delving deep into the realities of the adult world, give yourself a pat on the back for surviving the laborious journey of schooling in a regressive system of education in India. Having aced this long yet memorable journey, you are now set to embark upon a completely unprecedented ride of college life. From fantasies of having a hike in pocket money, travelling alone, living in a new city to the far-fetched ideas of trying all sorts of whacky things and making lots of friends, college opens a pandora’s box for a student. The month of May becomes that time of the year where every 12thie realises that they were living without good clothes all this while and urgently need a wardrobe makeover. Hopes of finding the perfect match/true love for oneself too becomes a priority. The ‘college main sab chalta hai’ ideology keeps a student busy in his or her little bubble. But honestly, all play and no work is a mantra that sadly doesn’t work in college.

Within no time you’ll start cribbing about how the metro is so crowded and it has become your second home as you end up spending a crucial amount of time, each day, in commuting from home to college and vise-versa. The idea of going to new places every time also goes out of the window as you realise you don’t have money by the end of the month. The myth that college is an easy road is broken the moment you have to sign a bond for short attendance and also face the wrath of the teachers who give you nothing but sadistic looks.

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The struggle and rise of the ‘Relatives’

If you think CBSE result is the last time you’ll see the rise of the relatives, you are mistaken my friend. After witnessing a gamut of emotions from elation to dejection during college admissions, relatives leave no stones unturned to unlock the next level of ‘intrusive behavior’ as their new jingle becomes ‘Iske baad age kya plan hai?’. We talked to a few students from some off-beat courses to know more.

Gairik Ghosh from Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad, who is now specialising in Food Production told us, “I had frankly told my parents that I won’t be able to excel in any regular course and I won’t be able to do justice to any random course they choose for me. Cooking is what I like and I told them about the same. I had to make them understand that this field was promising enough. It was tough, but I ended up doing what I like best.”

Yamini Gupta, who is pursuing Music Honours from Miranda House College too has a similar story to share as she says, “I wanted to do something in music since the very beginning while my family wanted me to opt for a conventional course. It is sad when I have to explain to my friends and relatives that the course I am enrolled in is different and not an easy one and unlike them, during our exams and practicals, we can’t even cheat! Relatives have always been quick to question the scope of my course, what papers do I have and what benefits I’ll derive from such a degree after 3 yrs, but I am happy and content with what I have as this is what I wanted to pursue.”


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College life : Level unlocked, you may resume play! 

After being through a regimented system of schooling, college life does end up making you look like a lost puppy in the initial days. Unaware of the nuances of college life, you’ll take weeks to figure out how to read your time table and end up chilling the entire semester until you realise that you have exams to give in the month of November! It won’t be long once you start liking memes on Facebook about how you love your sleep and hate getting up for morning lectures. Friendships too don’t last longer than any GoT character, unless you are lucky enough to find people who stick by you through thick and thin. There also comes a time when you realise how you’ve become a guinea pig to DU’s experiments and why the world is at Sharda University after all!


Image credits:
Image credits:

Somewhere between making plans to hang out with friends to sleep becoming your best friend, college life happens. It teaches you patience, perseverance and that you’ll be judged by anybody and everybody. It is a whole new experience that no other place can offer. So shed all the inhibitions, believe in yourself and remember, in the real world, toil never ends.


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Kick-starting the much anticipated admission process, the University of Delhi is holding entrance based admissions for a selected bunch of undergraduate courses this year. With courses such as BMS, B.Tech and B.A (Hons) Multimedia and Mass Communication among others, having an entrance based admission, other courses will take in admissions on the basis of the standard ‘Best of Four’ parameter.

All the candidates seeking admission to those Undergraduate (UG) courses where admission is based only on entrance examination are required to register online. You must register on the UG portal with a valid email ID and other relevant details as mentioned in the form. You can take a look at the form here. 

The Undergraduate courses to which an applicant can apply through this online registration are as following:

I. Name of Institution and courses offered:

1. Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Humanities : Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), B.A (Hons) Business Economics and Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis).

2. Cluster Innovation Centre:  B.Tech. (Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations), B.A (Hons) Humanities and Social Sciences.

3. Central Institute of Education: Bachelors of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.)

4. Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences: Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Health Education & Sports: B.Sc. (P.E.,H.E. & S.)

5. Indraprastha College for Women: B.A (Hons) Multimedia and Mass Communication

While registrations have already begun, some important dates that the students must keep in mind are given below.

II. A list of important dates:

  • Start date for online Registration : 13th May 2016
  • Closing date for online Registration: 31st May 2016
  • *Dates for the conduct of the Entrance Examinations: 19th – 23rd June 2016
  • Announcement of Results of Entrance Examinations : On or before 4th July 2016

* For exact date of the Entrance Examination of individual Courses, candidates must visit the UG information portal here. 

Candidates must be abreast with all the details mentioned on the UG Portal’s Bulletin of Information and should keep the following material handy for upload during the filling of the online form.

III. Important documents 

i. Passport size photograph of the applicant (maximum size: 50kb; Formats: JPG/ JPEG/ PNG)

ii. Scanned signature of the applicant (maximum size: 50kb; Formats: JPG/ JPEG/ PNG)

iii. Self attested copy of Identity Proof of the applicant (maximum size: 50kb, Formats: JPG/ JPEG/ PNG).

(*Identity proof can be any one of the following documents: Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN card, Voter’s identity card, Passport or College identity card.)

iv. Self attested copy of Class 10th Certificate (maximum size: 100kb, Formats: JPG/ JPEG/ PNG/ PDF).

v. Self attested copy of Caste Certificate, if applicable (maximum size: 100kb, Formats: JPG/ JPEG/ PNG/ PDF).

The admission to the UG courses mentioned above will be done through two tier process, which will comprise of the written test followed by the Interview/Group Discussion of the short-listed candidates.

It is important to note that in case a candidate wishes to apply in more than one Course then the candidate will have to fill separate registration form for each Course. The same login details shall be valid for all the registration forms filled by the candidate. Candidate shall be required to pay separate registration fee for applying to each Course.

All hopeful applicants applying to courses, the admissions to which are based on an entrance test, must familiarise themselves with the Bulletin of Information that has been notified by the varsity.


Riya Chhibber

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