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Nearly every college has a book club and a literary society but still every book reader in DU buy books from various
sources. Why can’t we easily borrow/lend books with book readers in our college and with book readers in adjacent

To solve this, DU Beat along with Lenro has started ‘Buy Less. Read More.’ Books Revolution in Delhi University.

Using Lenro, you can:

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And now to make this announcement sweeter, we also have a free books giveaway to kick start this revolution.
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Giveaway Prize: 5 lucky winners will get a book of their choice.

Last Date of entry: 15th Mar, 2016

Winners will be announced on 17th Mar, 2016

Buy Less. Read More.


1. Can I post on my Facebook as well as Twitter profiles?
Yeah, each FB post and tweet are considered a separate entry to this book giveaway contest. Posting on both
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2. Can I share to Facebook groups or post to my Facebook page?
Yeah, that counts. Don’t forget to tag Lenro.

3. As a winner, can I choose books of any amount?
You can choose books of any amount provided the maximum price is Rs 500. Ninety Nine percent of the books can
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Any other query? Please feel free to contact jointheparty(at)lenro(dot)co.

Worth highlighting:

If you are a book reader, you would love Lenro’s blog:

Yes you heard that right.

Rabbler , a social polling mobile application is offering you just that.

First, what is Rabbler

It is a social polling mobile application. You can launch all sorts of media rich polls. You can also send short messages of up-to 256 characters.  It also has  a fully functional chat system inbuilt.

You can Communicate,  Poll,  Share on WhatsApp and Facebook and embed polls on your websites.

And whats more, the audience does not need to download the app to vote. Just send them a poll link on WhatsApp or FB or SMS, and they can vote directly by tapping on the link.

DU College Cultural Festival Organisers !

If you have

Ever wondered how to engage your audience and not let it be a one way traffic..Ever wondered how do you find out what the junta out there is thinking..Ever felt that the judges made a mistake and if the audience were to decide, the winner would be different..

Rabbler is the panacea to all your ills.

The mobile app is used by Femina Miss India to run their audience polls. Its available on Android and IOS.  (

How do I win the “Day Out” with the Delhi Beauty queens contest?

Vote on the poll below, and then “boost” your vote. To become eligible to win the contest, boosting your vote is necessary. The more votes you buy, the more your chances increase of winning the contest. One lucky voter will be invited to the Delhi beauty pageant on 27th February  and will be selected to spend a day with the three winning Beauty Queens on 28th Feb 2016.  Will you be the lucky one?

Vote here!

The Redbull Can You Make It chooses 165 teams  from different universities around the world to compete in a nerve racking, soul stirring journey. All the selected University teams are flown to Europe where they get 7 days to go around various countries and complete adventure sports and tasks while on a time crunch. The only condition is that the teams will have no money or phones. Redbull cans will be the currency.

IndieSants is a group of three highly motivated individuals from Delhi University on a mission is to travel as much as they can and as far as they can. They have participated in the Redbull Can You Make It Challenge 2016 and are seeking votes for the video they have prepared for the competition. If qualified, the team shall represent Delhi University in Europe for the challenge.

Catch the video IndieSants has prepared for the challenge:

The team believes that it would be an absolute pleasure to mingle with people of diverse cultures, eat varied cuisines and sleep on streets if need be. This experience would enrich their being to the maximum and make it fuller. Fully determined to represent DU at Europe, they are gathering votes for the video. Refer to the video link to know more about the team and the challenge!


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The Economics Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College hosted its annual Economics Fest, Econotize, on the 3rd and 4th of February on a massive scale.

The fest was officially kicked off by the Principal, DR PK Khurana, who showed immense pride in the stature of the event and showered praises on the Economics Society for their proclivity to innovate and generate awareness on the most relevant issues.

The two days that followed proved to be a treat for Economics buffs, as it attempted to explore the depths of the subject, ponder upon some of the biggest challenges to our nation, and apply logical thinking through a stellar line up of diverse events It pushed participants in their bid to understand how economic policymaking is done at the highest level through its committee simulations of G8+5 and the National Council of Sustainable Development.

It also combined the intricacies of the subject with the classic game of Monopoly through an innovative event, Ecopoly. Debate and Quizzing were also on the menu, as Econotize’16 executed a successful simulation of the famous Newshour Debate along with a multi-discipline general knowledge quiz.

In a first of its kind simulation by the Society, the fest also featured a political event ‘Election Manifesto’ that enabled its participants to step into the shoes of politicians with them vying for the position of the Chief Minister of Delhi.

The society continued with its trademark event of ‘Paper Presentation’, that challenged its participants to delve into the some of the biggest issue that plague the world. A giant treasure hunt on the second day pushed all players to their limits, in a thought provoking and time bound event. 2 days, 9 events, 1200 participants from 50 different colleges, and one resoundingly successful fest. Econotize’16 was one to remember.


Guest Post by Anupam Gulati for DU Beat

Lady Shri Ram College for Women hosted its Annual Cultural Fest, Tarang ‘16 from 5th to 7th February, 2016. Amidst a huge footfall on all three days, the star catches of the event were performances by East India Comedy; Jochen Miller, the first international performer in LSR’s history and the band Agnee for final showdown on day three.

Day One: Inauguration, Indian Music Competition and East India Comedy with The Local Train

Day 1 began with a series of events and competitions ranging from the quiz competition and photography exhibitions to informal events and tote bag painting sessions. Among the formal events were Women Development Cell’s, Lutalica, following the concept of soliloquies which was won by Neha Diwan and Simran of LSR.

The Indian Music Society hosted Malhaar, the classical solo competition and Sugam, the semi-classical/light solo competition. The first prize in the classical solo category was claimed by Alish Mohan of Hindu College. In the semi-classical category, Gurdit of GTBIT bagged the first position.

The other events spread across the campus were photography competitions: Emakimono, Projektions, Spot On and Kairos. Projektions was won by Alex Arthur of SRM and Ishaan Sengupta of Motilal Nehru College. With these, a parliamentary debate competition, Stage Play Competition and Hindi Poetry Competition was also hosted. Informal events like ‘Taste test’, ‘Beg borrow Snap’ and Art Exhibitions managed to gather a huge crowd.

The highlights of the day were performances by East India Comedy and the band, The Local Train. Sourabh Pant and Sahil Shah of the former led the crowd into an almost-hysterical fir with their witty remarks on names of DU Colleges and how the canteen in LSR needs to be called Cafeteria. The Local Train played the tunes of their compositions like ‘Aaoge tum kabhi’ and ‘Bande’, drawing the curtains for day one.

Day Two: Battle of Bands and Choreography Competition

The Indian Music Society kick-started day two with the Indian Music: Choir Competition. A total number of 23 teams participated out of which 11 were shortlisted for the final round. The first position in Indian Music (Group) category was bagged by Hindu College.          

With this, Projekt, the photography society of LSR held the Silent Film Making Competition, Musidora. ‘Tangent’, of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College was declared the winner. The Quiz Society hosted The India Quiz where Apratim Chandra Singh (St. Stephen’s College), Jayant Verma (Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies), Bishal Kumar (Department of Buddhist Studies, Delhi University) won the event.

The Battle of Bands, on purely western format and ‘Amalgam’, Fusion Band Competition were a huge attraction. Amalgam was won by The Hans Raj Projekt of Hans Raj College, while Kirori Mal College’s High Time claimed the first position in the Battle of Bands.

Mudra, the Classical Dance (Solo) Competition was also held in the auditorium which saw a total number of 24 participants. Annanya of Daulat Ram College was declared the winner in this category.


As the Sun closed the horizon, one could observe long queues of spectators outside the auditorium, awaiting the Choreography Competition, Izraz. A total number of seven teams participated in the event which was eventually won by Srijya, the Choreography Society of Hindu College which rightly gathered the maximum praises from the jury and audience alike!


Srijya, The Choreography Society of Hindu College. demonstrated themes of vengeance through their performance at Izraz…

Posted by DU Beat on Saturday, February 6, 2016

The most awaited event of Day 2, the EDM Night brought with itself a huge footfall where the ground was witnessed to by jam-packed with enthusiastic audience. DJ Sameer, Aerreo and Jochen Miller’s foot-grooving beats ensured each person in the audience was left enthralled and ecstatic.


Day Three: Fashion Show, Western Dance Competition and Star Night with Agnee

Day three at Tarang ’16 started with exhibition of drama skills at ‘Nukkad Natak’, the street play event. ‘Pitch Please’, the Western Music Competition on Acappella format saw 15 teams participating. The auditorium reverberated with beats and musical notes as the teams performed their pieces meticulously. Kirori Mal College was declared the winner of the event.

Along with Pitch Please, the fashion show competition Anarchia- Breaking Stereotypes took place. The competition witnessed a participation of 7 teams, with the winner being Hans Raj College. There were many other events like TV Show Quiz, Turncoat, and Elocution. The Indian Music Society also hosted a duel competition called Jugal Gaayan.

While most events culminated before dusk, the Western Dance Competition, Daila continued till early evening. This was one of the most awaited events of the entire fest, a fact which was evident by the long queues that waited for entrance into the auditorium. Misba, the Western Dance Society of Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce claimed the first position. Their performance was acclaimed both critically and by popular opinion.

The Western Dance Society of SGGSCC, Misba
The Western Dance Society of SGGSCC, Misba

Following the western dance event was the Star Night where the band Agnee performed their popular songs like Aahatein and Yaariyan. A performance that was equally mesmerizing and enthralling, the three day extravaganza Tarang 2016 ended on a musical note and with zeal and happiness dripping from the faces of union members and faculty of the college.


Tarang ’16 in an overview-

Here’s all what Tarang 2016 at LSR was all about.

Read highlights of individual days:

Day 1
Day 2, First Half
Day 2, Second Half
Day 3, First Half
Day 3, Second Half

Check out DU Beat’s entire album of Tarang ’16 here

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11th February gained a whole new meaning for fans of How to Get Away with Murder when the show had its winter finale in November and promised to return on this date.  With the day almost here, we look back at the pieces of the puzzle that still haven’t been put in their right place.

The first and the foremost question every fan wants answered is who exactly is Christophe? And what did young Eve Rothlow and Annalise Keating do to Wes’ mother?  Why were they present in the room where a twelve year old Gus was being interviewed about his mother’s suicide? The other mysteries that we expect to be solved in the further episodes are the significance of the gun that was found by Caleb in Catherine’s studio or the reason why Catherine runs away from her house after being confronted about the gun and why does she wait in the car for Philip (In case you have forgotten, he is the one who Connor discovers while looking for the birth parents of Caleb and Catherine and who gradually becomes the major suspect for the murder case) who is seen placating her that he’ll take care of everything.

The executive Producer Pete Nowalk said more information about the late District Attorney Emily Sinclair will be unveiled. Till now, the fans know almost nothing about her background like whether she’s married, have kids etc. Hence, this is soon to change. Nowalk also hinted at the fact that nobody can be trusted and that when the sitcom returns, it’ll be two weeks after Annalise’s shooting so it’ll be compelling to see how the group dynamics have changed.

It is also believed that the producers of the show are casting a trio of recurring guest stars who can either be Annalise’s new clients or can be related to Emily Sinclair.  All in all, there is a lot to expect from this season and as the promo says, “It’ll be a crime to miss it!”


Nishita Agarwal

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We’ve always heard of major portion of the Indian youth entering into engineering colleges, but we hardly come across any Indian names in the field of technology. Strange, right? Well, don’t worry, as DU Beat brings to you some technical personalities which might help to sweep away Mark Zuckerberg’s charm a bit.

  1. Ajay Bhatt

Well, you should thank him every time you plug in your phone for charging; every time you connect your external HDD; transfer photos from phone to your PC. He is the man behind USB standard. It is because of him that we are moving towards a unified wire for all sorts of electronic purposes.



  1. Vinod Dham

He is the man behind the revolutionary processor from Intel that changed the standards of speed in the heads of consumers. Yes, he is the father of Intel’s Pentium Processor. He rose to the ranks of VP of Micro Processors in Intel and then changed to AMD, Intel’s biggest rival in 1995. He is now a venture capitalist funding various start-ups in India.



  1. Vic Gundotra

Google’s social media man, Vic is credited with being the man behind the Google+ social network. Before being a Google Guy, Vic was a Microsoft Man joining the company in 1991 and working there as a general manager of platform evangelism. He made sure independent developer’s get Microsoft’s services. He left Microsoft in 2007 to join Google.



  1. Amit Singhal

“Google it” – this phrase wouldn’t have ever caught on if Google wouldn’t have keep doing best what is does best- search. Not among the senior management, Amit Singhal is the man overseeing the service which is at the tip of your fingers- Google Search. He is responsible for algorithms and techniques that Google uses to produce search results when someone queries for anything.



  1. Ruchi Sanghvi

Men are not the only ones representing Indian achievements in the field of technology. Ruchi Sanghvi was Facebook’s first female engineer. She was part of the team that developed Facebook’s most critically panned feature at the time of the launch- The News Feed. This feature became one of the main features later on but just after launch it was criticised heavily, which led to her and her team to go under a 48 hour coding session amounting to the first rendition of Facebook’s complicated privacy setting. She co-founded Cove, a start-up in 2011 which was acquired by Dropbox in 2012 where she currently serves as a VP.



  1. Rashmi Sinha

She is the brains behind the website that most of you would probably know as the place to get presentation on any topic – slideshare. She founded the website in 2006 which lets the user upload their work in form of presentation. The company was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012 for $199 million dollars.


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The Economics Department of Kamala Nehru College hosted its annual fest, Ecophoria ’16 on 4th February, 2016; which saw a huge and enthusiastic participation from students of multiple colleges across Delhi University. The event kick-started with the inaugural lecture on “Income Inequality and Economic Theory” by Prof. Surajit Mazumdar, CESP, JNU in the college auditorium post which all formal and informal events commenced.

There were many formal and informal events spread throughout the day. The Start-up Challenge, Connectonomics, The Credibles (Debate competition) and Quiz Pro Quo were the formal events while events like Monopoly, Clued Inn (Treasure Hunt), Minute to Win it and Posterize formed the informal category. The attractions which gathered most of the crowd were the myriad food stalls that saw unending queues for delicacies.


All events, whether formal or informal, were associated with an economic idea. Amidst long hours of discussions, brainstorming interjections and nail-biting presentations, the winners of multiple events were:

The Start-up Challenge:
1st: Dhiraj and Atulya
2nd: Utkrishat and Samuel
3rd: Kaamil and Ramit

The Credibles:
1st: Yash Narain,  SBSC (Morning)
2nd: Kanhaiya Prabhakar, Dyal  Singh College
3rd: Souparnika Krishnan, KNC

1st: Utkrishat (CVS) and Samuel (St.  Stephen’s College)
2nd: Shivender and Chandna (BVIMR)
3rd: Manas and Ravneet (CVS)

Quiz Pro Quo:
1st: Sreshth Shah (Amity University) and Raktim Nnag (IGNOU)
2nd: Gokul S (ARSD) and Raman U (Hans Raj College)


For informal events, Swati Agarwal of Jesus and Mary College won ‘Posterize’, Nitish and Divyam of Maharaja Agrasen College won ‘Clued Inn’, Akanksha of FDDI won ‘Minute to Win it’ and Nancy and Gunjan of Gargi College bagged the first position in ‘Monopoly’.

Ecophoria ’16 wound up with a cake cutting ceremony where the entire department was witnessed celebrating its success. Professors and students of the department added a musical touch to the culminating ceremonies which added to the exhilaration the event ended with.


Image Credits: Ashulipi Singhal

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Want to study abroad?
Tanvi Arora, a student at Newcastle University shares her experience:

“I was successful in getting admission for clinical psychology in all the universities I had applied in. I got to study in Newcastle University, met different nationalities and I feel happy that I am done with my postgraduate study. The whole journey of applying for courses, UK visa and pre departure guidance went smoothly and I knew that I am in safe hands when I plan next in my studies. This is all because of Study Overseas Global‘s excellent counsellors and their team management. I recommend Study Overseas Global for sure. Thanks a lot.”

You may also register for Study Overseas Global Education Fair to be held on 4th February 2016 here: and meet university representatives from multiple countries. *Entry free for students. Some of the Participating institutions are University of Manchester, University of Sheffield, Queen Mary, University of London, University of Reading, University of Leeds, Swinburne University of Technology, JCU Singapore etc.

Nei Tamana , a youth led Not-for-Profit Organization  working  in the fields of social awareness , education , health , environment etc and headed by DU  student Aakash Pawar , organised TRANSFORMATION : THE WORLD NEEDS IT , an initiative to bring change by instilling awareness and understanding among people , from 22 to 24 January 2016


DU  students founded groups Nei Tamana and Mission E Safai in collaboration with  South Delhi Municipal Corporation jointly organised a mass Cleanliness Awareness Drive  on 22 January 2016  at DU South Campus . Honourable Member of Parliament Mrs. Meenakshi Lekhi Inaugurated the drive from ARSD College main gate along with Renowned Social Worker Ravi Kalra & DUSU Jt Secretary Chatarpal Yadav . The team Nei Tamana was led by Internationally Recognized Social Activist Aakash Pawar and Mission-e-Safai was led  by Abdul Kalam Award winner Himadrish Suwan  . The societies which included Parivartan , Enactus SVC , Enactus MLNC , Rhythmos  and The Earth Saviours Foundation hugely supported the initiative.

DU students along with SDMC staff cleaned the area till MLNC College . Mrs Meenakshi Lekhi personally  advised nearby shopkeepers to use dustbins .
She  interacted with students regarding possible steps to make DU South Campus clean as well as promised the construction of public toilet near ARSD College . Students assisted SDMC staff in transferring collected garbage to dumping sites . Aakash Pawar & Ashutosh Singh  also briefed her about other severe problems faced by South Campus students . Slogans like ‘ Swachh Bharat , Nirmal Bharat ‘ were main attraction during the drive .


Nowadays , Indian youth have been increasingly provoked to extreme violence and productive energy embedded in them has lost its channel to flow . Understanding the importance this issue holds , NEI TAMANA organised NTSYMPOSIA , a symposium for social change on the topic ‘Increasing Violence in Indian Youth : Causes , Consequences & Solutions ‘ on 23  January 2016 at Sahoday Sr Sec School . Event began with lighting lamp by special guest Sr Joyce .


46 students from various schools and universities across Delhi – NCR took part in the symposium . The main causes put forward were lack of space , over cartered or under-cartered needs , media influence etc and consequences ranged from lack of self control , depression , drug addiction to learning disorders .Witty speakers also suggested some  prudent solutions which included moral education , introspection , therapies , meditation etc . The judges were Mrs Rekha Gulabani , Director Resource , Indian Cancer Society and Citizen Journalist & Columnist Himadrish Suwan who adjudged Anshul Nagpal from Gargi College & Ankita Ojha from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College as 1st & 2nd best speaker respectively . Paritoshika Singh from Bal Bharati Public School , GR Marg & Nitesh Kotach from Kirorimal College won consolation prizes . Winners would be presented with vouchers worth Rs 25 ,000 and Certificates of Excellence . Nei Tamana President  Aakash Pawar finally brought the curtains down by presenting a warm vote of thanks .


Nei Tamana organised a joy session for  underprivileged children from Shahpur Jat and nearby places on 24 January 2016 at DDA RWA Panchsheel Park , which marked the end of its initiative . Children presented beautiful dances , songs , prayers etc and were also engaged in numerous games .