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Made in Heaven Season 2: A Review

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After a long wait of four years, ‘Made in Heaven’ released its second season this August. It is just as visually stunning and inspiring as the first.

In 2019, we were introduced to the lives of Tara (Sobhita Dhulipala) and Karan (Arjun Mathur) who work as wedding planners for grandiose families in Delhi, all the while struggling with personal issues. Beneath the surface of extravagant celebrations, the show explores various prejudices and challenges faced by the families involved.

Season 2, released in August 2023, picks up a few months after where season 1 ended, with Tara now finalizing her divorce proceedings and Karan trying to mend his relationship with his mother. Each episode delves into a unique scenario, using it as a backdrop to address a distinct issue. This season deals with problems ranging from the caste system and domestic violence to self-love and tender parent-child dynamics.

The two additions to the cast, in the form of Meher (the new Production head) and Bulbul (the new auditor), add significantly to the storyline. Meher battles with acceptance as a transgender woman while Bulbul grapples with navigating a situation where her son is accused of molestation.

(The next paragraph contains spoilers)

The biggest power of this season is how, multiple times, it stuns the audience by making the not-so-obvious decisions. This is done when you see a bride going ahead with marrying her abusive fiancé, when Jauhari turns out to be the good guy instead of the bad, or when the protagonists Tara and Karan make questionable, morally grey decisions.

One prevalent critique this season is the lack of depth while addressing some of the issues. A thorough examination of the complexities of the social issues tackled is prevented because the show immediately moves on from one subplot to another. The space for fruitful discussion seems saturated because of this. In certain instances, this season appears to offer quick lessons for each problem. This has resulted in a preachy undertone.

Despite this, season 2 remains a visual treat. The performances, production design and costumes are nothing short of grand. The beautiful aesthetics and the fast pacing keep you immersed. ‘Made in Heaven’ thus does an excellent job at both awing and inspiring you.

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