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Maithry elects new cabinet: 2022-23

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Maithry, DU’s Kerela’s student fraternity body, recently held elections for a new cabinet for the term 2022-23. Read more to find out the results.

Maithry, a Delhi University student fraternity body for Malayali students and students coming from Kerala, recently held elections on 19th April 2022 for forming the cabinet for the term 2022-23. The result for the elections came out on the same day with new members being elected to 12 different posts.


The mantle of being the president of Maithry at Delhi University was passed on from last year’s president, Darsana R, to the newly elected president, Najm Paleri. Other candidates who came to be elected were Emil Jose as the General Secretary, Salih as the Treasurer, Krishnendu as the General category Vice President, Stephy J Sam as the Vice President under Women, South Reserved category, Ribin Pary as the PRO, Sandra S as the Working Secretary (Women), Govind Unnikrishnan as the Working Secretary (South Reserved), Haris Pattalam as the Joint Secretary (General), Fathima Bathool as the Joint Secretary (Women), Asif Muhammed as the Joint Secretary (South), and Samra P C as the Joint Secretary (Women, South Reserved).

The new cabinet, sworn for the welfare and reassurance of students, will deepen structural reforms and focus on better academic and co-curricular activities this year,” said Stephy J Sam, The Vice president of Maithry, in conversation with DU Beat.

In the past year, the Maithry cabinet has focused on being able to bring the Malayali students under one student fraternity body, providing a feeling of comfort and a home away from home. The testimony to the working of last year’s cabinet lies in the role it played in the transition of students from online to offline mode, catering to their needs at a time when the sudden notification by the DU administration left the far away outstation students in a state of confusion and problem.


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